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Emilia Romagna Red Wines

The red wine from Emilia

The Emilia Romagna is one of the most important producer of wine both for the quality and the quantity.

The vineyards are on hills or plains where from one side there are the Appennini and on the other side the Oltrepò Pavese plain.

The red wine from Emilia Romagna are differentiated if they are produced in Emilia and if they are produced in Romagna. The are the Gutturnio a DOC produced in the hills of Piacenza or the famous Lambrusco from Emilia with its special sapid and dry taste perfect with pasta and cheeses or meal.

The red wines from Emilia Romagna are one of the most important wines in Italy and the varieties can be perfectly match with the local cooking.

The excellent red wines from Emilia Romagna

Despite the wine tradition is less renowned than the cooking tradition, there are many winery that produces the wines from Emilia that were honoured by the DOC certification like the Bonarda. It is a sparkling wine with a red color almost purple with a blackberry aftertaste which makes it lovely and fresh. The grapes macerate for 6/8 days and then they are put in steel and finally it is bottled at low temperatures.

In our selection there are different typologies of Lambrusco from the sweetest to the driest all with a soft taste. There is also the Gutturnio with its intense red color and a fresh and lively aroma. The wine making process is standard with the refinement in steel.

You will find also the Cabernet Sauvignon Emilia Romagna which has an intense red color with a remarkable aroma and it is made with a longer maceration, then the grapes are put in little oak barrels for 2/3 months. The result is a full and round wine.

How to match them

The red wines from Emilia Romagna can be matched with different meals compared to the normal red wines. For their lovely taste they can be matched with white meats.

Some are perfect with boiled meats and not very aged cheeses and some others like the Lambrusco are perfect with the classic ravioli filled with pumpkin typical of Parma.

Other red wines from Emilia are like the classic one so they can be matched with braised, roasted meats and cold cuts of the local tradition.

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