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Nino Negri Wines

Uritalianwines offers in its online wine shop the prestigious wines of Nino Negri, products of an historical winery that represents Lombardy. Take advantage of our offers and discounts. The winery was built in the 19th Century and since then it has improved its production to reach the excellence.

It is located in Valtellina, a zone that is famous for the production of high quality Lombardy wines like Valtellina Superiore DOCG, Sfursat, Rosso di Valtellina and IGT Terrazze Retiche. Nino Negri winery linked tradition to innovating techniques and concentrated itself in the production of important reds with the typical style of the territory. Nevertheless, they include in their list of products also interesting whites, passiti and grappe.

This winery is able to express all the potentiality of a territory that is excellent and unique. Its products have a long history and are recommended for those wine lovers who want to try the aromas of these special lands, worked wisely by great wine growers.

The best bottles of Valtellina

The terroir of the area has particular features that, joined to the experience of the population of Valtellina, constituted the base for the cultivation of Nebbiolo variety, here called Chiavennasca, essential for the best barrels of the micro-region. The valleys are protected from the winds by the Alps and the vines, cultivated on terraces, are the main landscape of the local countryside, and are always exposed to the sun.

The micro-climate and the non-permeability of the soils, joined to the experience of the man, are the best conditions to give unforgettable wines. This is the case of Sforzato della Valtellina, the so-called “Sfursat”, a passito DOCG produced by Nino Negri winery mainly with Nebbiolo.

It is characterized by a ruby red colour with a fruity aroma and a soft, dry and structured taste. Between the other products of the winery, you can’t miss Nino Negri Valtellina superior, famous DOCG produced in the area of Sondrio. Ruby red colour enriched by persistent and refined scents and dry and smooth taste. A style that the winery has been able to develop thanks to the separation of the areas and of the vine varieties: Sassella, Grumello, Inferno and Valgella.

The taste of Lombardy

The food pairings are the best solution to appreciate the essence of these wines that are enhanced by food and by the tradition of these lands. The bottles of Valtellina Superiore by Nino Negri represent one of the most refined expression of the red wines of Italy and are perfect to accompany roasted red meat or boiled game.

It is a perfect “glass” also for aged cheeses, like the typical “Bitto” and other dishes like Pizzoccheri. White wines go along with fish, bresaola and goat cheese, while passito is suggested with desserts or even alone, as a meditation wine. This selection of bottles is unique, various and perfect for those who want to explore the best products of northern Italy and especially of Valtellina.

Uritalianwines offers online the articles of Nino Negri with special prices. Don’t miss our offers, taste the excellence and save your money.