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Castel del Monte Wine

The name of this prestigious wines come from the famous fort built in the XIII century by Frederic II on the western tablelands called Murgie, in Puglia. They are appreciated for their classy taste and now they are available on Negoziodelvino with interesting prices.

The perfect maturation of the grapes cultivated in the sunny lands of Andria makes Castel del Monte wine suitable with a lot of dishes: with meat or fish, it doesn’t lose the balance between freshness and softness or its fruity scents. The area called “Alta Murgia”, where the soil is rich of limestone, pebbles and clay, is the motherland of Castel del Monte.

Here we can list a lot of famous producers like San Marzano winery, whose lands can reach also 250 meters above the sea level. The vine varieties are Chardonnay, Fiano and Nero di Troia, really famous for the production of different DOCG, known in Italy and in Europe.

Modern production techniques and high quality

Different vine varieties are harvested when their ideal maturation is completed, then they are pressed by electrical and mechanical presses, that are able to squeeze the grapes without loosing a drop of product.

The most important phase, the fermentation, is managed in steel containers at a controlled temperature of 10°C, in order not to lose the organoleptic features of the wine. The further phase is similar to the operation realized for Chardonnay wines: The result of fermentation is poured in wooden containers, usually made of French or Hungarian oak, or even barriques, where Castel del Monte can develop all the characteristics that the wine lovers require. This phase is then followed by a maturation period of 6 months in the bottle.

High-level properties and food pairings rich of personality

The alcoholic strength often changes, depending on the grapes and the producers, but normally it is around 13 13,5 % Vol. It isn’ t a strong product, although it is pleasant wine with an intense aroma, that has to be served in a wide wine glass.

The correct service temperature has to be around 12° C for the whites and 18° C for the reds and it is really important to preserve the organoleptic features of the product. Whites wines Castel del Monte are perfect with white meats, soft mouldy cheese, main courses, baked or grilled fish, sweets.

The choice of the right pairing always depends on the association between taste and perfume, without contrasting them and always finding the right link that joins perfectly drink and food. The wide wine glass offers to Castel del Monte the right oxygenation, in order to recover the characteristics of this red wines of Puglia, rich of aromas and character.

Discover our Castel del Monte, sold online with the best prices and interesting offers on Negoziodelvino and taste a product that can surprise you.