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Ariola Winery

Discover the great selection of Ariola winery, sold online and available on Negoziodelvino. Take at home the quality of these bottles and save money with our exclusive prices. Ariola Winery was born in 1956 and since then, it has been able to express the features of its territory, always joining tradition and innovation aimed to the production of great Lambrusco and Malvasia. The history of the winey has been characterized by continuous improvements to keep up-to-date the offer of their wines from Emilia Romagna, always emblematic and popular. Buy bottles of Ariola winey means appreciate the efforts to produce quality labels, that can’t miss in the cellar of wine-lovers.

Labels that represents the excellence of Emilia Romagna

Uncork a bottle signed by Marcello Ceci, the founder of the winery, represents a connection with the lands of Romagna, located between 200 and 300 meters above the sea level and touched by the perfect climate for the production of red wines from Emilia. Don’t miss the sparkling wine that dominates our virtual wine shop, they are true representors of Made in Italy. The ability of the winery didn’ t passed unnoticed to the critics, that praised it with many recognitions. Bubbles find their best expression in Lambrusco Ariola, a typical product of these lands that is more and more appreciated and exported worldwide. These wines have a fresh and deep taste, enriched by a soft aroma and an intense ruby red colour. A sparkling wine that continues to thrill all the wine-lovers.

The ideal choice to appreciate the regional kitchen

The reds are perfect with local cold cuts. The effervescence goes on well with the typical “tortellini”, with grilled cock, but also with rice and savoury cheeses. Between reds and whites, Ariola propose also some bottles of sparkling wines from Emilia, that made the winery famous. Classy products with unique taste that are the best solution for celebrations. Enjoy the freshness of the bubbles with appetizers, starters and sweets. Take advantage of the special offers and don’t lose your favourite bottles sold online on Negoziodelvino. Take the chance to buy fabulous articles and have them directly at home. Only on Negoziodelvino.