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Insolia Wine

It can be suggested with white meats or fish for special, traditional dinners. Insolia wine is now sold online on Negoziodelvino, with special prices. Due to its aromas, it is one of the most famous wines of Sicily, a rich island that produces prestigious products like Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Doc Etna red and white and Moscato di Noto.

The culture and the oenological tradition have ancient origins. At the beginning, they were introduced by the Phoenicians. The Greeks introduced then the cultivation/production methods, developed by the Romans. The production was interrupted between 827 and 1091, during the Arab domination.

The Aragonese and the Bourbon restarted the cultivations, but the grat success came after, with the international commercialization of the product Marsala.

Ancient vine varieties of the region rich of unique aromas

Also known as Ansonica or Inzolia, this is one of the oldest local vine variety of Sicily. It has a bunch of big dimensions with white grapes.

The vineyards grow on soils of medium mixture and rich of clay where the perfect solar exposition and the Mediterranean temperatures offer the best conditions for the right growth and the correct maturation. As the tradition wants the harvest is planned on 15 September.

The grapes, selected manually, are submitted to the removal of stalks before the cooled maceration starts. It lasts 12 hours and is concluded by soft pressing. The controlled temperatures for maceration and fermentation, set at 18°, avoid the over maturation of the grapes, that would influence the quantity of sugar and the alcoholic strength of the final product.

The fermentation is managed in steel and is followed by the aging in the bottle that lasts for 3 months. Insolia vine varieties can be reworked with single variety white sicily wines making or alternatively, they can be mixed in a white blend where the percentage can vary from 35 to 100%.

Features and refined, savoury pairings

Interesting savour joined to softness, where white flowers and exotic fruits live together to create freshness. Insolia wine bring with them all the traditional tastes of Sicily, well represented by Nicosia winery, an ancient company that enhance today its 5th generation. Following the rules of the other whites wines, Insolia has to be served at 10° in a flute wine glass and reaches an alcoholic strength of 13% Vol.

This wine cal be recognized through its straw yellow with gold reflections. It is perfect with grilled vegetables, typical soft cheese of Sicily, white meats, fish, seafood and Mediterranean Kithchen. Find out the characteristics of Insolia wine, now sold online on Negoziodelvino with interesting prices and discounts and discover the products of the most famous wineries, shipped directly at home. Taste the best oenological variety of Italy!