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General description of the territory of the Verduzzo Friulano Doc wine

The vine that gives the name to the fantastic white Verduzzo Friulano DOC wine is cultivated in Friuli in the Udine province since more than one century.  Since 1825 the name “Verduz” is reported in the Acerbi writings.  In 1879 the “Verduz” was added to the ampelographic bulletin as one of white grapes from Friuli. Lately the Poggi in 1939 quoted a wine called “Verduzzo” with a yellow color together with another typology which was green but that is already extinct. The Perusini in 1935 found a variety with a quite loosely packed bunches  called Verduzzo “raçsie”. Unfortunately also this variety has disappeared. There is also another typology of Verduzzo which is the “Verduzzo Trevigiano” which is a vine with a different leaf and bunches compared to the one from Friuli.  Also the origins are different and this last one is less important concerning the enology prestige and  the territorial diffusion.

The Verduzzo vine from Friuli, if cultivated in the Grave territory and in other surrounding flat areas produces a dry and scent wine with intense fruity aromas. On the contrary, if cultivated in the oriental hills it can be used for the production of sweet wines which can be aged and with a good persistence of the taste.


The grapes used for the production of the Verduzzo Friulano Doc wine

The Verduzzo Friulano DOC is a local wine. Its prestigious is well-known and it is very old in fact is already mentioned during the 1400 when was served during the General Church Council in Cividale.

Currently there are two typologies that are qualitative excellent and that are produced by following the traditional use. The first version is cultivated in flat areas which produces a fresh wine, with a straw yellow color and it can be easily match to the traditional local food.  The second one is cultivated in the more hilly area of Friuli near Aquileia that has more organoleptic characteristics more joinable to the dessert. Finally the Verduzzo Friulano DOC wine is produced by the same named grapes used for at least at a 90%.

The ancient process of this wine production, the white from Friuli that you can find on our online wine shop, previews that the grapes, after a natural withering, have to be pressed and cooling at 8°C.

At that temperature the movement is kept for 24 hours to permit the extraction of the major aromas that will be part of the inner properties of the wine. It follows the soft pressing. The must has to ferment in stainless steel tanks for about 10 days. The varietal characteristics of the Verduzzo Friulano vine point out a medium big leaf with an orbicular shape. The bunch is little with a pyramidal shape due to its marked wing. It is very compact. The berry is medium big with an ellipsoidal shape and the peel is very bloomy to protect a leathery and consistent skin.  The berry has a yellow color tending to the green similar to the field grass. It tends to become more gold where it is more exposed to the sun. The Verduzzo Friulano vine has a good vigor and the average maturation period is quite late and it gives a constant quantity production during the harvest period which is from the end of September to the first half of October. This vine prefers hilly areas and well exposed with a dry wheatear and not so fertile areas. It is cultivated as medium expanse and with a medium-long pruning. The Verduzzo vine flourishes where well exposed to the sun. The particular weather conditions which guarantees a late coming of the rains, permits the berry to achieve a complete and full maturation. 


Analysis of the Verduzzo Friulano Doc wine


Aesthetically the Verduzzo Friulano

It has an intense gold color that depending on the aging period can have more or less intense copper reflections.


The scent of the Verduzzo Friulano wine

It has an intense scent, very fruity with some pear and apple aromas very persistent. There are also some marked peach and apricots flavors. In general it smells like spring fruits.


The taste of the Verduzzo Friulano

It has a great body and an excellent structure characterized by a marked persistence. The sweetness of the sugars is balanced with the typical tannin flavor of the vine which makes it charming and never sickening.


Suggested matches with the Verduzzo Friulano Doc

The service temperature has to be 12°C to have a right balanced between the fact of being a white wine and the sugary of the wine. The Verduzzo Friulano is a wine for bakery dessert but also it is perfect with hot and cold starters based on foie gras or spicy cheeses. It is perfect in union with the typical local desserts such as the Gubana or Bisciola. Other wines from Fiuli especially in the Udine province are the Rosazzo, the wine COF Picolit and the Ramandolo; in the Pordenone province we could find the Lison. All characterized by the DOCG di Origine Controllata certificiation. The  DOC offer is for sure more consistent where we can find the classical Prosecco, the Friuli Colli Orientali, the Friuli Grave, the Lison Pramaggiore the Friuli Latisana, the Friuli Annia, the Collio, the well-known Friuli Aquileia, the Friuli Isonzo and the Friuli Carso. For the  IGT there are two typologies: the Alto Livenza IGT and the Venezia Giulia IGT also called Delle Venezie IGT.

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