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Binzamanna Winery 

The Agricultural company Binzamanna born in the early 2000 from the passion of Ms. Sara Spanu and from the husband who had the goal of preserving the unicity of the territory and the landscape patrimony with the increasing of new activities connected to the ambient and the ecologically sustainable tourism. The company has an extension of 22 hectares located in Martis, in a very awesomeness landscape in the middle of Anglona in the Sassary territory. Oak woods alternated to the Mediterranean scrub make the frame of the companies estates.

The tenacity and the patience of the company have contributed to give life to very aged vineyards, the Bovale and the Cagnulari from which are created two wines IGT Isola dei Nuraghi: to this vineyards are added two main famous vineyards of the island, the Cannonau and the Vermentino.