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Negozioziodelvino suggests Brachetto wines in its online sales. The quality of the products is excellent and the prices are exclusively discounted in the whole store. The particularity of Brachetto, whose variety has the same name, is the territory where its plants are traditionally cultivated.

A little zone in fact, between south Piedmont and “Alto Monferrato”, rich of clay and sands. This composition of the lands helps the growth and the development of the vineyards.

This wine has an ancient story, full of legends and vivid myths. Somebody told that it had aphrodisiac properties and that the roman emperors Cesare and Augusto shipped huge quantities of this product to Cleopatra.

Despite the ancient origins, this plant suffered more than the others the plague that hit Europe during 19th Century and played till the 50s a marginal role due to the reduced production quantity. In the middle of the past Century, the “Martinotti-Charmat” method, famous for the production of sparkling wine, made this vine alive and glorious again.In all its versions, sparkling, plain or “passito”, Brachetto is considered one of the most particular red wines of Piedmont, near the famous Moscato d’Asti and Dolcetto d’Alba.

High quality cultivation and product care

The grapes, that are generally 25 years old, are cultivated at 350 meters elevation. The actual production technique considers a low temperature maceration period of at least 5 days, in order to obtain the right colour and aroma through the contact with the peels.

Brachetto is famous for its sweet and fruity flavour that, joined to its colour, recalls roses. The alcoholic strength swings between 5/6% Vol for the plain and sparkling version to reach 11%Vol in “Passito”.

It is a fresh article that doesn’t stand aging. In fact, it isn’t recommended anymore to drink it passed 2 years from its production. The cultivation area is extended between Alessandria, Cuneo and Asti, the so called “aromatic hill”, famous for the production of Acqui DOCG. Massucco winery is only one of the prestigious winery that are famous for Brachetto. This company in particular praises more than 100 years of oenological experience, reflected in its aromatic wine characterized by strawberries.

Classy tasting and food pairings rich of character

The taste is delicate and fruity. Hints of roses affect both the fruit and the wine and make it perfect with desserts, especially if prepared with fresh or dried fruits. Regarding the tasting, the rules are the same of the others red wines.

We should avoid to serve it at a wrong temperature that would suffocate its characteristic scents. Because of its “young” structure, it can be suggested also with delicate dishes. It is well integrated in the production of wine Piedmont and matches perfectly with the typical dishes like cheese, cold cuts, game and red meat.

Particular also the pairing with truffle.You can find this and other excellent wines online on Negoziodelvino, with excellent prices and special discounts. Don’t lose our offers!