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Emilia Igt Wines

Perfect with cold cuts and cured meats or with “pasta all’amatriciana”, Emilia Igt is able to offer a fresh taste and an incredible scent. Today available on Negoziodelvino, it is sold online with special discounted price.

Emilia Igt wines represent the production of a specific zone where the boundaries are those of the region. Regarding the production, the Emilia wines are divided into: reds, including sparkling and “novello” version; rosé, also sparkling; whites , including sparkling.

This wines have to be produced with grapes grown in the original land. The vine varieties have to be adequate for the cultivation and must be registered into the national register of vine varieties for wine production. The cultivation of the vine variety has a historical origins. Somebody talk about the recovery of seeds in some stations of the iron age. The old writings tell how the Etruscan improved the territory, by starting new cultivations, by deviating rivers and by creating a huge net of canals to guarantee the irrigation of the vines.

The most ancient vine varieties for the production of Emilia Igt wines are the different types of Lambrusco, genetically close to the wild vine. Etruscan selected already the right variety and produced a prestigious Wine.

Care and attention for high quality productions

The denomination Emilia Igt requires that almost the 85% of the grapes used for the production of the Emilia red wine (red, rosé, white) comes from the region. The grapes are cultivated with bio method and are exposed to a maceration process of 8-10 days.

To obtain a major concentration of sugar, a variable percentage of grapes, usually 30%, have to dry out more than the others and, for this reason, have to be added to the process after. The aging inside particular barrels gives exclusive taste and unique scent, so researched by the lovers of this wine.

Unique properties and classy pairings

In its red version, Emilia Igt surprise for its particular freshness, that can be recognized through the great intensity and different taste variety, as happens with Ariola winery; perfect to be served at about 14 °, in a high, tapered wine glass. It can be matched to medium-aging cheese, cold cuts, cured meat, “pasta all’amatriciana”, “cannelloni”, “gnocchi al ragù”, appetizers an sausages.

The organoleptic aspect is represented by a light red colour, a soft taste and a long-lasting persistence. The scent is fruity, with marks of strawberry and cherry that make it perfect also with fruit cakes, with chocolate or cream.

The alcohol strength of red wines is around 10%. This feature makes Emilia Igt good for a dinner and never too strong. The bottles have particular and refined shapes, with selected colours for the exclusive labels put on the bottleneck, used to cover the cap, rigorously made of cork. Discover the greatest offer of Emilia Igt with the best prices of the web.

Take advantage from the choice of Negoziodelvino to taste a great product, able to astonish with reserve and balance.