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Villamagna Wines

Discounted prices and offers that you can’t lose on Villamagna wines, sold online and selected by the staff Negoziodelvino. They will bring you the best products directly at home. These wines are typical of the hills of Abruzzo, a region in the centre of Italy that in the last years attracted more and more visitors, tasters and wine lovers by winning competitions and gaining also a DOC denomination.

The province of Chieti, motherland of these structured Reds, has always been important for the wine production. During the Romans empire, the city supplied excellent wine to the capital and started to build its important reputation that has survived until today. The central vine variety for the production of Villamagna and other Abruzzo red wines of is Montepulciano.

It gives to its final products those soft tannins and cherry hints that nobody can confuse. This wine expresses all the features of the vineyards cultivated in the centre of Italy and transmit to its taster history, culture and real values of the local gastronomy, being perfect with typical dishes of its region. By drinking this wine, you will live a unique tasting experience.

Rules and production features

The production zone includes naturally the whole region. Although, the DOC denomination covers the territories around the province of Chieti, specifically the district of Villamagna, Bucchianico and Vacri, lands composed mainly by sands and clay. The production process must be developed in all its phases (bottling, wine making, maturation and aging) in the area of the denomination and the profit of the grapes cannot exceed the 70%.

The organoleptic properties of Villamagna wines are similar to those of other Abruzzo wines, like the famous Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, appreciated in the past even by the Carthaginian army of Hannibal. The two products have in common the intense ruby red colour enriched with garnet reflections, intensified with the aging. The scent is intense, with a structured aroma full of fruits and spices.

The taste is full, dry and harmonious, pefectly linked to the variety Montepulciano, used for its production. The best Villamagna is the ambassador of the most important oeno-gastronomical tradition of Italy in the production of high quality red wines. They can be distinguished for its aromas, intensity and structure.

Classy food pairings

Vilamagna wine has to be served at a temperature that can swing between 18-20 degrees. At lunch and at dinner it is perfect with complex dished based on grilled or stewed red meat.

This product can be suggested, because of its intense flavour, also with cold cuts, cured meat, ragù sauce, aged or spicy cheese.

Villamagna wines produced by Cascina del Colle winery represent with pride their category and are excellent even with other dishes like potato “gnocchi”, fish broth, white meat and poultry.

You can’t miss a product that can be able to astonish through its structure and aroma. You can buy the best bottles of Villamagna online on Negoziodelvino. Take advantage of the best prices of the market and don’t lose our interesting offers. Visit our virtual cellar and taste the best international products.