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Sauvignon Wines

Sauvignon grapes wines

The Sauvignon grape known also as Sauvignon Blanc is hailing from France exactly in Bordeaux where its white grapes give life to dry white wines particularly appreciated in almost every country in the world. Today the Sauvignon vineyard is cultivated in California and Australia but also in Italy. The Sauvignon wine depending on the climate where it is cultivated, can assume different flavors and its aroma is one of its strengths. Part of the success of this wine is due to the choice of the moment for the harvest in fact if the grapes are picked too early there are acid berries and low aromas, on the contrary if picked too late it could lose the acidity. The Sauvignon has to be consumed in short times to taste all its aromas and they are not very suitable to the aging.

The wine making process of the Sauvignon Blanc

The wine making process of the Sauvignon normally occurs in steel even if someone prefers the wood that reduce its fragrances but extend the bottle aging period. The typical color of the sauvignon is yellow almost green even if in the market you can find more intense yellow versions. The intensity of the Sauvignon depends both on the area where this vine is cultivated and the wood aging. The aromas of the Sauvignon are especially vegetal with some floral and fruity fragrances. The best place to produce the sauvignon is in the Loira valley which gives to the wine all its best characteristics. In Italy the Sauvignon is cultivated especially in the north in Alto Adige and Friuli where are produced the Sauvignon Alto Adige and the Sauvignon Friuli but there are also some cultivations in Sicily. In Italy the sauvignon is aged in steel because the typical Italian consumer prefers taste it with its plenty aromas.

How to exalt the aroma of the Sauvignon

The best technique to exalt the characteristics of the typical aromas of the Sauvignon is being aged in steel but also if aged in wood after two years it has an explosion of aromas. Among the white Italian wines the Sauvignn Blanc is one of the most appreciated because it is easy to be match so it can reaches different consumers tastes. If you are looking for the best Italian production of Sauvignon you can choose within different offers : a complete catalog of Sauvignon wines to buy on sale prices ideal to enjoy with friends for its absolute freshness and typical aroma.