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Tenuta Riccardi Winery


The vineyards of Tenuta Riccardi are located in the  Oltrepò Pavese ​​ area, in Soriasco Casino, Santa Maria della Versa Pavia.

The winery was founded in the early twentieth century by a grandfather who had a passion for tradition and authenticity of the products.

Today the winery is headed by Mr. Mariano, who combines a passion to wine expertise. Each vineyard has been meticulously designed with the choice of the composition of the soil, planting density, the forms of breeding and selection of the best vines.

The authenticity of the product is guaranteed by the rigorous exclusion of the use of fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

The harvest and the early stages of vinification are carried out in full respect of nature and with the help of advanced technologies thus ensuring a product of the highest quality.