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The Grechetto

It is renowned as the most important white berries vine in the Umbria region. The Grechetto is cultivated in Umbria and in the bordering areas, and it gives a straw yellow wine with green or gold reflections depending on the aging typology. Among the wines from Umbria the Grechetto is remarkable for its particular aromas and for the remarkable fruit aroma while on the palate it is sapid with a remarkable acidity. One of the most renowned is the Grechetto Colli Martani cultivated exclusively in the Perugia area: the taste is dry but particularly velvety. The Grechetto name comes from the Magna Graecia, transplanted in Italy by the Hellenic colonists. The Grechetto grape is also known with other names and since sometimes ago there was a red Grechetto variety cultivated in pureness in the Viterbo province which was used to produce a red wine with an intense color but it is no more commercialized.

The characteristics of the Grechetto wine

The classic bunch of the Grechetto vine has medium-small dimensions with a cylindrical shape almost conical while the berries are oval with a yellow peel not very thick but with a great consistence. Its production is abundant, the berries have a normal maturation and it is resistible to cold climates. The Grechetto Umbria is normally vinified pure while outside this region it is blended. It has a medium structure and the color depends on the vinification. Normally for the Grechetto there are used steel tanks but there is someone who prefers wood barrels where it is not rare its pure vinification. The proof of the white wines produced by Grechetto grapes is not very high and its aroma can be fruity and floral.

How to match the Grechetto

Thanks to its versatility the Grechetto wine is an everyday wine. It has to be served between 10°-12°C and it is good with vegetables soups or fish sauces. It is very good also with grilled or roasted meats but also with savoury tarts or with cheeses. Thanks to the several offers in our online wine shop you can enrich your table with its unique and remarkable taste. Don’t lose the occasion to live a unique experience to match the Grechetto wine with your meal; you will make unique the experience of your tablemate by taking advantages of the fantastic savings!