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Pinot Grigio Wines

The Pinot Grigio

This vine has French origins and it is internationally wide spread and maybe it could be a mutation of the older brother Pinot Nero. In Italy it is cultivated in the Trentino Alto Agide and in Veneto, but also in Friuli. The Pinot Grigio is one of the most renowned white wine for its delicate fruity aromas and its soft and pleasant aroma. The grapes of this vine are vinified in white and when it is vinified on peels it assumes a copper color which is the copper Pinot Grigio which becomes a rosé wine. The big expansion of the cultivation of this vine has not damaged the quality of the product, in fact the Pinot Gris (name given in the Alsace region) has several fruity aromas together with a great structure perfect to be tasted with fish or sea food.

Characteristics of the Pinot Grigio vine

The Pinot Grigio vine is quite homogenous in all its varieties, the main characteristics are about the growth of the bunches and the scents. The average bunch is medium little and compact and for this reason sometimes the berries which are pink and grey, could be deformed. It is cultivated on very low humid soils, a temperate climate and a good exposition. The preferable cultivation method is the counter one. The harvest is quite early and the pressing too. Depending on the vinification method it can acquires different aromas: if worked with peels it can be bitterer compared to the white vinification and it can’t be aged.

The Pinot Grigio regions

As already said, the regions where the Pinot Grigio is majorly cultivated are the Pinot Grigio Friuli which is produced in nine DOC denominations, then there is the Pinot Grigio Trentino with four DOC. There are also three IGT denominations for the Friuli and one IGT for the Trentino Alto Adige. Find out all the offers in our online wine shop with sale prices. Choose our online wine offer to enrich your table aromas and to be successful with your guests. Buy your Pinot Grigio and you will live a unique experience of the Italian wine tradition.