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Alto Adige Doc Wines

Alto Adige DOC wine

Not so many Italian wine areas have such particular characteristics as the one which give birth to the Alto Adige DOC wine. We are talking about vines planted in different soils with so many different climate conditions due to the particular geographic conditions. It has an alpine climate quite sunny with the Alpes that protect the vines of the Alto Adige wines from the cold winds. This area is also touched by the effect of the Mediterranean sea that contributes to the quality of the Alto Adige DOC wines. There are several rains and the climatic excursion between night and day is quite strong which helps the aromatic component of the grape that is one of the characteristics of the white Alto Adige wines. In addition the vines are cultivated in very different soils from the porphyry to the calcareous one and this aspect is represented in the bottle as terroir. For this reason is very important the indication of the sub-areas such as: Colli di Bolzano, Meranese di Collina, Terlano , Val Venosta, Valle Isarco and Santa Maddalena. There are also Lago di Caldaro for the wines of this DOC produced in the Bolzano province.

The vines of the Alto Adige DOC

The quality and the variety of the Alto Adige DOC wines depend on the various soils, climates and altitudes between the different vineyards and the choice of the vine which will represent the best of the terroir with its own personality. The quality of the grapes is assured by the best practices like reducing the production per hectare, modern methods of pruning and the adoption of the cordon spur method instead of the trellised. There is also the introduction of the integrated pest management. The viticulture is very wide but the most characteristic vines are the Pinot bianco, the Gewürztraminer and the Sauvignon, without forgetting the Kerner, the Müller-Thurgau, the Riesling, Veltliner and the Sylvaner. The Chardonnay and Pinot grigio are suitable to be aged in wood. The red grapes are the local vine Schiava and Lagrein and others with French origins, that have found in this area, their perfect place. There is the Pinot nero, the Merlot, the Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc.

Typologies of Alto Adige DOC wines

The typologies of this DOC is various both for the different type of vines and for the different vinification methods such as the French oak barrel aging for the red wine. The main characteristic of the Alto Adige DOC wine is the elegance of the aromas, in the white there are floral and soft wines such as the characteristic rose aroma which is present in the aromatic Traminer. The red ones have berries aromas with a very good structure with an aromatic character. There are other two categories of Alto Adige DOC wines which are the sparkling one and the dessert wines. The first one are produced with the French vines with the traditional method and the second ones are made by white grapes. In our online wine shop you can take advantage of the special offers to enrich your meal and your cellar for very special prices.