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Malvasia wine

The Malvasia vine includes many different vines different for aromas, morphology, tastes and methodologies. This means that when someone talks about Malvasia talks in plural by distinguishing the different vines according to the characteristics and the coming territories. The Malvasia vine has almost white grapes, mostly cultivated in the South of Italy, and in the Salento and Asti areas it is cultivated the black Malvasia which is used for the production of a dry and very scented wine with a ruby red color. It is used as blending wine together with the Negroamaro for the production of the rosé wine. One of the main characteristics of the Malvasia is its consistence which is almost as a liquor wine, characteristic that is associated to the Moscato which has the same typical aromas.

Typologies of Malvasia

The Malvasia vine are three: two with white berries and one with dark ones. One of the most renowned is the Malvasia di Candia, which is also called aromatic for its intense scents which are fruity and citrons with some lavender floral aromas. This vine is the basis of some Emilian wines all DOC with the classic color which is gold or straw yellow with a medium body. It is cultivated in the Eolie Island and the Malvasia di Lipari has three versions: white wine, liquor vine and raisin wine. It is interesting also the production of the black Malvasia of Brindisi which generates a red wine with purple reflections with a particular aroma of raspberries and pomegranates with the perfect acidity.

How to match the Malvasia wine

The match with the Malvasia wine depends on the vine typology used and so on the wine produced. For example the aromatic Candia, normally a sparkling Malvasia wine, for its particular aromas, it is perfect with delicate dishes of fish but it is also used as appetizer. The sweet Malvasia is perfect with desserts, bakery but also with spicy cheeses. If you want to buy the Malvasia bottles with very low prices, do not hesitate to go in our online wine shop and choose only the best of the Malvasia bottles. Choose and buy the convenience and get prepared to receive only the best selection of Italian wines ideal to cheer your guests with typical and unique scents and tastes in the most economical way.