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Winery Monterucco


The agricultural company Monterucco born in 1936 when Luigi Valenti founded  it. Now the company is leaded by its children Roberto and Silvano who still guarantee the highest quality and typicality of these lands. Since di 80’s The Monterucco farmhouse started producing the first great wines of the company. It is located in the first hill area of the Oltrepò Pavese in Cicognola. The work in the cellar is done by following the familiar traditions passed on by the father and the more modern wine technology for the wine production which locates the company between the most prestigious in the Olptrepò Pavese.

Today the company is composed by 20 hectares for the production of: Pinot Nero DOC, Riesling DOC, Bonarda dell'Oltrepo Pavese DOC, Pinot Grigio DOC, Barbera DOC, Buttafuoco DOC, Sangue di Giuda DOC, Malvasia IGT and Pinot Rosè IGT.