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Friuli Igt Wines

Igt Wines of Friuli

Perfect for those people who search high quality products. Igt wines of Friuli have intense taste and unique flavours. This features make them suitable for every occasion, like a simple dinner of a gift to a friend. They are now available online on Negoziodelvino with a discounted price. Wines of Friuli Venezia Giulia praise ancient origins.

Their selection Igt was born in a territory rich of natural aptitude for wine production, with more than 20000 hectares of cultivated surfaces with the best varieties of Italian grapes. The vineyards used for the production of Igt white wines of Friuli are famous all over the world. The romans developed new systems, the terraces, that allowed the expansion of the cultivation zones also on the mountain slopes.

During Middle Age the “Ribolla”, a typical variety of Venezia Giulia, was a good considered gift in the European Courts. It was used as commodity or to pay debts or taxes. The term “typical geographical indication” (Igt) underlines the recognition to those products that are made for at least the 85% of the grapes coming from the same production region, that are able to offer the right collocation in the detailed wine lists. The indication is set aside for the following products: red wines, also “novello” or sparkling; whites, also sparkling; rosé, also sparkling.

Careful cultivation and high quality production

The soil used for the production of Igt wines of Friuli is characterized by marls and sandstones of eocenic origins. The cultivation system preview the Guyot pruning, a geometrical positioning of the plants that allows the maximization of the production and the increase of the quality of grapes, helping the complete maturation.

The vinification method followed by the main producers of Venezia Giulia is the same of the winery Jermann, one of the most famous in the area. It considers the fermentation in big containers made of steel where the temperature is always controlled thank to the modern methods that are able to avoid the over maturation of the grapes and, in the meantime, to control their alcoholic strength.

After the aging in barrel made of French oak, the product is bottled and kept in conditioned rooms for at least four months before the market launch.

Features and pairings rich of style

Igt wines of Friuli are able to offer refined flavours depending on their variety. The red ones have a ruby red colour with dark shades and are characterized by a complex bouquet with hints of plum, prickly pear, white pepper mixed with avocado, loquat and cardoon.

The white wines have instead white colours with gold reflections. Their taste is soft and dry characterized by flavours that recall honey and wildflowers. The alcoholic strength around 13% Vol., make this wines suitable for meals and happy hours with friends.

The right temperature is really important to enhance the organoleptic features of this wines. Usually marked on the bottle labels, it can swing between 17-18° for red wines and between 10-12° for whites, that have to be served at a lower temperature to better express themselves.

The food pairings depend of the variety of Igt wines of Friuli. The reds can match perfectly with medium aged cheese, red meat, like pork or beef, roasted or boiled, that thank to their fat link perfectly with this type of wines.

The whites can be combined to soft cheeses, white meats, fish, like salmon, or vegetables. Discover the great selection of Igt wines of Friuli.

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