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Bianco Doc Sicilia

For those people who search a precious product, made with white grapes, able to match with fish dishes or even a simple salad. The wine shop Negoziodelvino offers a refined selection online of Bianco Sicilia Doc at the best prices of the market.

The Doc denomination of this wines from Sicily was born in 1995. It was given to represent those areas of the south that include today the provinces of Agrigento, Catania, Enna, Messina, Palermo, Ragusa, Siracusa, Trapani, territories that base their production of Sicilia Bianco Doc on a reduced number of prolific vine variety.

The Mediterranean climate, windy, but rich of hot summers and important thermal excursions, allow to create Sicily white wines with strong, particular taste. A typical Bianco Sicilia Doc, able to give a natural sensation of fragrance that makes it be recognizable between the other drinks. An attentive work to realize fruity and floral scents, especially with white pulp (peach or loquat) or citrus fruits (lemon and citron), joined to the classic Mediterranean marks.

Attention and care of the vine variety for high quality products

Grapes Catarratto represent the most employed white variety for the production of Bianco Doc Sicilia. Diffused mainly in the province of Trapani, they are mainly characterized by high sourness that influence the product by giving a great taste freshness and a delicate scent of pure flowers.

The vine variety has bunches of medium dimensions, elongated, with pyramidal shape and medium grapes, with a colour between yellow and green, with a gold surface. It is cultivated on the hills, between 200 and 600 meters on the see level. The clayish composition of the soil, joined to other nutrition elements like potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron, guarantees to this variety a content of ferulic acid higher than 10 mg/kg of grapes.

Between the famous producers of Bianco Sicilia Doc you can find historical Donnafugata winery that has 160 years of experience, always with attention to the quality of its products and to its territories. The bottles have a fantastic design, due to white glass and geometrical shapes studied and realized in a modern way that underlines perfectly its straw yellow with gold shades, giving the idea of a refined product also in through the exterior aspect.

Classy pairings and prestigious features

Thanks to its extraordinary freshness, Bianco Doc Sicilia is able to harmonize with different dishes, like azure fish, fish main dishes, but also a bruschetta made with tomatoes or a salad. This type of meals goes perfectly along with white wines, giving Doc products of Sicily the opportunity to elevate the food as unique and special.

The right temperature for this wines is between 9-11°. They have to be served in medium dimensioned wine glasses, better without flare, in order to concentrate the scents directly in the nose direction. Sommeliers organoleptic analysis offers a product of great fragrance, structured, able to make happy the people who drink it. Discover the excellent selection of Bianco Doc Sicilia sold online into Negoziodelvino store.

Enjoy the taste and make your guest appreciate this product, that can conquer even the most demanding evaluator. Fill your cellar by taking advantage from the offers and the exclusive prices made available only for you!