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The Rosso of Montepulciano

The Rosso of Montepulciano is a wine produced in the same area of the Noble wine which is located in a Montepulciano area in the Siena province. This area has always been perfect to be cultivated and this activity created the landscape, its culture and the local economy. The cultivation method used is the traditional one and the vines have to be located under a particular sun exposition and at 250-600 meters above the sea level. This territory is known for the young not aged wines for meal and so for the production of the Rosso of Montepulciano which used the same grapes of the elder brother.

Characteristics of the Rosso of Montepulciano DOC

The Sangiovese vine which is locally called “Prugnolo Gentile”, is the basis of the red of Montepulciano in a percentage less than 70%. The remaining 30% is made by other red local and international vines such as the Canaiolo nero. It is also allowed the used of little percentages of white grapes which is a tradition for other Tuscany wines. In this case there are not included the aromatic vines except the long white Malvasia and the limit is a 5%. The red of Montepulciano is a young wine with great characteristics. The wines have an intense and lively ruby red color, with an intense smell and with floral and fruity aromas which reminds the violet. The taste has a good structure, lightly tannic but never aggressive, dry and fresh. The red of Montepulciano is a fresh and young wine but also very elegant which is due to the “Prugnolo Gentile”. These two elements make this red wine a quality one which expresses at its best the territory for a very competitive price.

Suggested pairings for the Rosso of Montepulciano

For its characteristics the Rosso of Montepulciano is a delicate meal wine which is perfect for first courses in particular with the Tuscany traditional ragù. Perfect to be matched with the “pici” with oil which are rolled dough strips similar to big spaghetti. This wine is also perfect with grilled fiorentina steak but also the chicken made “alla diavola” or the memorable “fegatelli” of Tuscany. The Rosso of Montepulciano is wonderful with medium aged cheeses too. Find out all the offers of Rosso di Montepulciano which are on our online wine shop where you can buy this wine for sale prices.