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The agricultural company Les Crêtes born in 1989 at Aymavilles in the Aosta valley by Costantino Charrère, today is managed by his family who is owner of an historic watermill of the 1700 and also of ancient cellars in the Moulins street that since five generations has produced agricultural products. The vines cultivation is extended for 25 hectares all along the Dora Baltea river at Saint Pierre, Aymavilles, Gressan, Sarre, Aosta and Saint Christophe towns.

The production area is located in a mountain territory where the cultivation is very hard and it is characterized by an high fragmentation of the vineyards with an elevate density of 9000 units per hectare of soil with lots of slopes that are morainic and sandy, very good for the cultivation of local and international varieties. To this soil characteristics it has to be add the climatic condition because the weather from Alps conditions a lot the grapes and the wine produced. The grapes are lately picked so they are submitted to strong thermal excursions (day +22°C /night 0°C); this phenome improve the aromatic taste of the bunches which enrich the aromatic component of the wines. In addition the agronomic managing of the vineyards, the respect of the nature and the valorization of the Terroir  are the main important point in the philosophy of a company which unify the traditional cultivation technics and the passion for the innovation and the technologic research.