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Sicilia Igt Wines

Sicily Igt Wines

Characterized by an intense perfume rich of aromatic herbs and a fresh and round taste, Sicily Igt wines are now available on Negoziodelvino. Discover the best online prices. We will be able to astonish even the most exigent palates.

Traditional land of ancient cultures, Sicily can fascinate its visitors with its natural beauty and its products, appreciated all over Italy. In Sicily it was believed that the vine used for the production of Sicily wines, grew up spontaneously even before the arrival of the Greeks, helped by the dry climate and the sandy soil rich of iron.

A lot of varieties were introduced by the Phoenicians, but the varietal selection and the cultivation techniques were imported by the Greeks, who were able to change the habits of the people who lived in the island that used to let he plants grow spontaneously. During the Roman Empire, the productions were famous and the products were already exported.

With the Arab domination this expansion decreased to regain its development with Aragonese. The real improvement was made in 1700, when a merchant coming from England discovered the quality of the wine made in the city of Marsala end decided to export it. This type of wine became famous all over the world.

Ancient vine varieties and modern production

Due to their high alcoholic strength, this productions were assembled to others and for this reason, they were underestimated for a long time. Today, Sicily Igt wine is appreciated all over the island, thank to a great effort of the last 30 years that preserved the vine varieties from extinction. Between the most delicious vine varieties of Sicily we can list the “Zibibbo”, also known as “Moscato di Alessandria”.

It is used for the production of white wines, characterized by a soft sweetness that make it one of the most particular wine of Italy. It is cultivated mainly in the areas of Pantelleria and Lipari. The main cultivation system for all the varieties of these red wines is guyot, because of its capacity to concentrate the the density of the plants, that can arrive here, thank to this system, also to 4500 stumps per hectare.

The vineyards have a southern exposition that facilitate the reception of the sun light. They grow up on medium texture soils made of sand that can be situated, in some cases, also 250 ,meters on the sea level. The maceration lasts about 6 days.

The temperature, 18°C, is always controlled in order to avoid the excessive maturation that can lead to a great concentration of sugar and, consequently, a higher content of alcohol. The fermentation in modern containers made of steel is followed by an aging in the bottle that can last 4 months.

Features and pairings with refined flavours

With their ruby red colours, the most famous red wines are those produced in Nicosia winery. They come from a volcanic zone that gives them intense perfumes full of spices, red fruits and aromatic herbs.

They harmonize perfectly with red meats, cured meat and medium-aged cheese. On the other hand, white wines present themselves with a shiny straw yellow full of gold shades, joined to a fruity bouquet rich of flowers and apricot, that gives freshness to the product. They are excellent with starters, main dishes made of fish, soft cheeses and crustaceans.

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