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Zenato Wines

Passion, ambition and love for the land meet together to give life to Zenato wines. Excellent products sold online on Uritalianwines, with special offers and incredible prices. With its 75 hectares Zenato represents an important reality for the cultivation of Trebbiano di Lugana, that are located in the area of Santa Cristina, San Benedetto and Costalunga, in the heart of Valpolicella. The winery, famous all over the world thanks to its international net of exportations, was born in 1960, when Sergio, the founder of the company decided to make business from the potentialities of Trebbiano di Lugana, pushed by his passion for oenology and for his lands. Nobody knew Trebbiano before Sergio. The cultivations of Zenato include also other varieties like Corvina, Osesta and Rondinella, important varieties used for the production of the wines of Veneto, famous all over the world. The company preserves the same production methods, searching continuously for perfection.

Expression of a land with ancient traditions

With the mild climate given by the influence of Garda Lake, the territories of Valopolicella offer the right habitat for the cultivation of local grapes that produce important wines like Amarone Zenato, a Veneto red wine with unique features and special aromas. Guyot is the main training method, chosen to ensure the production volumes that, in the last 20 years reach 80 quintals. The grapes grew on lands with good exposition and with an elevation that swings between 300-350 metres are harvested at the beginning of October. After a manual selection and a period of drying, in January starts the pressing, followed by fermentation on skins that last around 20 days. The aging is managed in special oak barrels for a period that can reach till 4 years. The maturation in the bottle represents the last step, where the wine, after the bottling, rests in the dark for a year.

Excellent production and interesting food pairings

“Zenato wine” is the way some Anglo-Saxon countries identify these classy bottles that can contain red, white or prestigious sparkling wine, characterized by sensations of exotic fruits and almonds. After the famous Zenato Valpolicella, we can’ forget to mention the Rosè produced by this winery, with its red colour full of coral shades. The blend is composed by different percentages of Corvina, Rondinella and Merlo, in order to give the perfect balance and the right minerality. Zenato red wines like Recioto Classico have some deep red colours that recall garnet, with and intense and spicy scent of cherry, plum and wild berries. Their taste is sweet, balanced, classy and with soft tannins. They can be suggested with a lot of dishes. Its alcoholic strength, that touches 13% Vol, allow the matching with typical dishes of the tradition of Veneto, desserts and dry desserts.

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