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Conero Red Wines

In the online cellar of Negoziodelvino you will have the possibility to buy, with exclusive prices, one of the best and most famous Doc of Italy. We are obviously talking about the red wine Conero, sold online in our site.

This fantastic red wine inherit its name by the mountain that dominate the coast touched by the Adriatic sea, called Conero. Here is produced one of the most distinctive specialities of Marche, appreciated in Italy and in the entire world. It is designated as DOC since 1967and with its version called Riserva, in 2000, it entered the guarantee category DOCG.

Between all the wineries that produce red wine, those who obtain from their vine variety the so called Conero rosso, are localized in a defined territory, between the hills of Ancona and the near coast.

Going through the “path of Conero Rosso”, it is possible to admire the landscape where the vines grow up, a land of mixed formation with chalky predominance, really different from one zone to another. This makes the harvest different and contribute, joined to the experience of each single vine grower, to the diversification of the products.

On the other hand, this products have a common element: a territory rich of sun, where the sea flowing brushes the land, giving her a good ventilation and optimizing the growth of grapes and helping the development of a product of great quality.

Refined products with unique quality

In Conero red wines some producers got used to add a little quantity of Sangiovese variety. This action takes to the same result of wines Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, where the joining gives the sweet taste of marmalade, due to the late harvest.

Anyway, local vine growers prefer using only Montepulciano grapes, that give a fruity taste that recalls black cherries and spicy scents. A high quality production that includes DOC, but also other varieties, like Marche Igt, a denomination in which we can list a lot of important reds and rosé.

Unique properties and strong pairings

The typical colour of Conero rosso is a classy ruby red, intense, with some dark reflection . The alcoholic strength is important ,because it swings between 13-15° vol, that’s the reason why it is served fresh, but not cold.

This is the ideal solution not to lose the perfume and the typical scents of this product, otherwise hidden. The style is structured and intense, with fruity marks that reveal a soft taste, where the tannins don’t disturb, thank to their delicacy. Conero rosso is one of the best wines of Marche.

It is perfect for main dishes made with meat sauces, excellent with “cannelloni al ragù, but also with “pasta all’amatriciana” or “risotto with mushrooms. Thank to its structure it is good to be tasted with red meats like sliced steer, braised meat or dishes made of bushmeat. It is good to be joined also with grilled pork meat or with fried veal chops.

Enter our digital cellar and take home Conero red wine, one of the most appreciated wines of the Italian panorama. It is sold online with exclusive prices, thank to the great discounts that every day characterize all the products in our wine list.