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General description of the Bornarda DOC wine and territory

The Bonarda is the red wine from Lomabardia most known in the world. It is a sparkling red wine, obtained by selected grapes of the Croatina variety, traditionally named Bonarda. The Bonarda is a DOC wine so it can guarantee the Denomination of controlled origins certification whose production is only permitted in the Pavia province. The DOC certification is allowed also to the “Bonarda dell’Oltrepò Pavese” which belongs to the sparkling typology as long as this have all the requirements of the technical policies of production. The most relevant aspect is the human connection to the territory of production, that in its tradition and it contributed to the DOC certification also for the “Bonarda dell’Oltrepò Pavese”. This land is always been considered as good land for the production of excellent wines, and the it is located in a hilly land at the south of the Lombardia where four regions rejoin: LombardiaPiemonteLiguria and Emilia Romagna. This peculiarity makes this territory rich of culture, languages, wine and food traditions which could be both very traditional than very niche but all very mixed together. This land is an old abode for the vines.

A proof could be the evidence of a part of a vine which goes back to the prehistoric and it was found in Casteggio once called “Clastidium”. The historian Strabone, in the I century a.C.n. confers to the Oltrepò Pavese the invention of the barrel. In its works it is described with house dimensions. In the following centuries there would be other testimonies such as Andrea Bacchi that in the XVI century described the wines of this territory as “Very Excellent”.

The current territory of the Oltrepò Pavese born the past century as consequence of the Phylloxera damages and to the Italian renovation concerning the wines which took place in this period. In 1884 the Oltrepo Pavese had 225 local vines. Today the more used are more or less 12 and the most common is for sure the “Croatina” with its 3900 hectares of cultivation on 13.300 hectares cultivated in all the Lombardia region.

During the years the vines are for sure the product the most cultivated in fact in 1970 the Oltrepò Pavese wine received its DOC certification the 6th of August.

According to the severe technical policies of production the DOC wines “Bonarda dell’Oltrepò Pavese” have to be produced with the vines that have the following ampeolographic composition which previews the croatina (Bonarda) grapes wine making using between the 85% until the single variety 100% using.  The Barbera, also called “Ughetta” or “Vespolina” which is a rare local vine located in the south of Lombardia, could be used with other grapes until a maximum of a 15% in this production.

The Croatina has black grapes with a medim-little leaf, extended and pentagonal trilobate. The bunch is big, which a conic and extended shape, with wings of medium compact and in same rare case also very compact. The grape is medium large, with a spheroidal and regular shape, with a turquoise color peel, thick and leathery, profusely covered by bloom.

The Barbera vine has medium big leafs, pentagonal with a coat almost hairless. The bunch is medium, cylindrical or pyramidal, correctly compact.

The grape is medium large, ellipsoidal with an intense blue color and easily removable. The peel which is particularly bloomy and thin, has a juicy, normal and sweet pulp, also quite acid. The vine is normally medium vigour. It gives a good production and it is characterized by being constant. The grape harvest takes place during the 2nd week of September.



Analysis of the Bonarda DOC wine

Aesthetically this wine from Lombardia

It has an intense ruby red color with violet reflections that if exposed to the light they bright and stands out a lot.

The scent of the Bonarda

The scent is net and precise with some floral flavors that remind the violet.

There is also a light and delicate yeast aroma.


The taste of this red wine

It has a fresh flavor enriched by the sparkling tone. It is dry and amiable, lightly tannic but always fresh and lively.


Suggested matches with the Bonarda Doc

The Bonarda is a wine drinkable all along the meal and it is suitable to be matched with pastas with ragù sauce, roasted red meats, braised beef, plumage games. The Bonarda DOC has to be drunk with pheasant with the pomegranate, cold cuts and tasty cheeses. If sweet, it is perfect for dry dessert or baked ones and with the strawberries. The Sparkling Bonarda is perfect with risotto, and soups rich of legumes or vegetables.


Service temperature and suggested wine glass for the  Bonarda Doc

It has to be served at 16°C, maximum 18°C in “Ballon” glasses.

The sparkling version can be served at the cellar temperature around the 12° and the 14°C. In both cases it need to be settled for about 2 hours.

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