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Langhe Rosso

A unique product, excellent with savoury rice dishes or roasted game, is doubtless Langhe Rosso, sold online on Negoziodelvino and offered with the best prices of the market. Visit our vaste catalogue full of oenological productions of high quality.

Langhe rosso was able to gain its space in the world market near the others Nebbiolo wines thank to its delicate perfume and the freshness of its taste rich of shades, full and harmonious. These wines are produced in the province of Cuneo, mainly in the district of Castiglione Falletto, Neive, Monforte d’Alba, Serralunga d’Alba and La Morra.

They are produced with the asssembly of different varieties and at least the 60% of them should be Nebbiolo, Barbera or Dolcetto. The local red variety Nebbiolo, diffused also for the production of Barolo and Barbaresco, has ancient origins. The first quotes that confirm the production of these wines comes from 1200 and describe the cultivation methods used in the past, giving an idea of the cultivation methods and of the harvest systems.

The name Nebbiolo should derive from “Nebbia” (fog). The grapes of this variety, in fact, are covered by a white fine dust that recalls fog. Other theories argue that its name comes from its harvest period in which the fog is often present.

Traditional and high quality wine making methods

The vine varieties used for the production of these wines prefer fertile soils with a perfect exposition to the sun rays. The elevation doesn’t exceed 560 meters and gives the grapes a natural predisposition for the aging.

The production process follows the rules of the other wines of Piedmont. The grapes are selected and pressed, after the removal of stalks. The must is then introduced into steel containers at18°C. The low temperature helps to avoid the over maturation of the grapes and the excessive quantity of sugar, that could modify the organoleptic aspects of this wine.

After the fermentation starts the aging process, managed in barriques. Its duration depends on the producer, but usually it lasts between 3-12 months. After the bottling, this wine rests in glass for other three months before the launch on the market.

Features, food-pairings and unique taste

Depending on the different variety used and their quantity, Langhe Rosso gains some personal characteristics that make it suitable with every type of dish, from aged cheese to the fresh one. Its young and fresh taste guarantees a good match with roasted meat and boiled vegetables.

These are the main reasons why this wine is a “must” between the red wines of the Italian panorama. With their intense ruby red colour and their perfume, characterized by floral hints of violet, the wines produced by Salvano winery have to be in our cellars.

Their structure and their sweet and soft tannin are good prerequisites for a long period of aging that will enhance their features. Discover the scents and the typical flavours of Langhe Rosso, sold online on Negoziodelvino with special prices. Find your wine in a huge virtual cellar with the best products of Italy directly shipped at home.