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Spada Winery

For four generations the family "Spada" is engaged in the production of wine.

The experience began with his great-grandfather Joseph already in 1910, continued with his grandfather Attilio and increasingly perfected by his father and uncle Renzo Dino, has brought to us the great love of the land of this humble and simple people.

Times have changed.

The old wagon with oxen has been replaced by modern tractors, disease pests that destroy entire harvests have been easily defeated, more and more modern systems for the production of wine have taken the place of the old "crushing with his feet."

Of all this long story have learned the three sons who have combined their passion for quality and try to optimize the production and marketing of the products of the winery Sword.

Alberto, Claudio and Francesco try to refine and to introduce more and more of this wonderful wine, Valpolicella, in which they had the good fortune to be born.

Significant changes in the technique of drying and fermentation allowed to produce traditional wines but at the same time innovative.