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Roero Wine

With their wide and dry taste characterized by a good balance between minerals and flowers, Roero wines are really appreciated all over the world. They are sold online on Negoziodelvino with special prices and interesting offers.

It is produced with Nebbiolo grapes on the hills of south Piedmont, exactly on the right side of Tanaro river. This prestigious red variety is diffused also in Liguria and in Sardegna and express all its features with the aging.

The cultivation of Nebbiolo is documented in this zones since 2oo, with some historical quotes, but its name became more famous and refined around 1800, when the productions mainly based on sweet wines stopped to follow the revolution introduced by Barolo wines.

The winery started then to produce red wines. Till that moment, the choice of sweet varieties was supported by commercial reasons. Due to the exchanges with the maritime Republic of Genoa, where the ships left for their long trips, the white variety guaranteed a longer conservation.

Old wine varieties and modern productions of high quality

The vine varieties used to produce Roero Wines and others varieties of Nebbiolo red wines are cultivated in the province of Cuneo, a little area that, with the zone of Asti and the close Langhe, produce the best oenological product of the region. The soils of these steep hills are rich of sand and quite unproductive.

They are not suitable for every vine variety, but they are able to give to the local ones their particular features. For example: Arneis, a white wine of the region, gains its elegance and freshness thank to the unusual composition of the lands where it is cultivated.

The south-orientation guarantees an excellent exposition to the sun rays, allowing the right maturation and the ideal quantity of sugar for the fermentation phase. Roero cultivations produce till 75 quintals/hectare. The harvest is managed manually, it is followed by the removal of the stalks and then by soft pressing.

The maceration period is quite long. The fermentation, like all the modern Piedmont wines, is practiced with modern techniques in steel containers and at controlled temperature, in order to maintain the organoleptic features of the product. The aging in barriques lasts around 20 months while the one in the bottle can vary, depending on the choices of the producers.

Interesting and tasty food-pairings

The intense and seductive red colour of Roero wines, with its pomegranate reflections is particularly inviting in the productions of Massucco winery, active in this area since four generations. The organoleptic aspect meets perfectly its intense taste and its perfumes, both characterized by a balanced and harmonious bouquet.

It is perfect with main dishes, expecially with fresh, handmade pasta like “tagliatelle” with tomato sauce, but also with “risotto”, red meats, rabbit and roasted game. This product has to be served in wide wine glass like “ballon” in order to help oxygenation.

The ideal temperature is indicated on the label and usually swings between 18-22°C. We can reach the perfect temperature through the aid of special thermoregulated fridges. What are you waiting for?

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