Magnum: wine bottle size

Every bottle of wine has its own dimensions: from the classic 0.75 Lt format to the various format called Magnum.

On you can choose the right bottle for you by searching among our catalogue.

More than 30 choices of Magnum wines with 1.5 liter and 3 liter bottles: from Dolcetto d'Alba and Chianti to Ribolla Gialla, Amarone and Barolo.
You can choose by price or by novelty: each product has its own description with an indication of its origin, specific denomination, vintage and alcohol content as well as  blend grape and food combinations.

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Bottle size Wine Sparkling wine
0,187 Lt (1⁄4 bottle) Split Split
0,375 Lt (1⁄2 bottle) Demi Demi
0,75 Lt (1 bottle) Normal Normal
1,5 Lt (2 bottles) Magnum Magnum
2,25 Lt (3 bottles) Marie-Jeanne --
3 Lt (4 bottles) Doppio Magnum Jéroboam
5 Lt Jéroboam --
6 Lt (8 bottles) Impériale Mathusalem
9 Lt (12 bottles)  --  Salmanazar
12 Lt (16 bottles)  --  Balthazar
15 Lt (20 bottles)  --  Nabuchodonosor