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Nero d'Avola Wines

Wines produced with the Nero d'Avola vineyards

The Nero d’Avola wine is a red wine produced by the homonym vineyards cultivated in Sicily; one of the most widespread red wines which is often on the Italians tables. The Nero d’Avola vineyards is the most spread in Sicily and it has red berries that depending on the cultivation area can have a remarkable taste or a more delicate one. The Nero d’Avola is cultivated in trees or in trellised and due to its great level of sugars it has an high alcoholic level. Thanks to some processes the sugar level could be lowered and so increased the acidity level. The Nero d’Avola has an intense ruby red color and its aroma can be more spiced or fruity with the best aromas of chocolate or tobacco. The Nero d’Avola is perfect for being blended with the Cabernet Sauvignon.

The history of the Nero d'Avola wines

Included within the most widespread Sicilian wines the Nero d’Avola has a particular history. The origins of the Nero d’Avola in Sicily are uncertain and also the origins of its name. During the years it was also known as Calabrian wine because the Calabrian were most known in France so it was easier to export for the Sicilian merchants. Since two centuries ago the Nero d’Avola was appreciated by the French wines merchants because of its characteristics of structure which is strong, bodied and rich if joined to their wines. For its sugar contents the Nero d’Avola was too alcoholic to be served during the meals. The Sicilian farmers by using new technics of cultivation found the way to reduce the sugar degree of the Nero d’Avola grapes and today the Nero d’Avola wines can be tasted also in a single variety vinification. The Nero d’Avola taste is stronger if the grapes are cultivated in the west side of Sicily, while they have a more delicate taste if cultivated in the east of the island. Today the Nero d’Avola is honored by the DOC, DOCG and IGT certifications.

How to serve the Nero d'Avola wine

The service temperature for serving the Nero d’Avola wine is the room temperature so between 15°-18°C. In this way the classical aromatic nuances of the Nero d’Avola can be fully appreciated. The ideal matching of the Nero d’Avola is with strong and spices courses, with roasted or grilled white and red meats and with the strong cheeses tastes. Visit our Nero d’Avola selection on our online wine shop and find out how it is easy to buy the Nero d’Avola selection with the best offer prices on the web. With our online sold you can have the Best Nero d’Avola with the maximum of economy: the best opportunity to taste one of the most appreciate and renowned wines not only in Italy but in the rest of the world.