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Salvano Wines

Salvano winery

The wineries Salvano started  their production in the years 30 in the farmhouse Grillo in the heart of the Langhe among the vineyards of Diano D'Alba in Piedmont.

The company Salvano Wines has undergone major changes since then, and made major innovations but has kept intact and alive the tradition wine tied to the wild hills of the Langhe, enhancing the flavors and aromas inseparable from the territory.

From the winery Salvano products are some of the most famous Italian red wines in the wine scene, like Dolcetto Diano d'Alba, intense flavor and round, or Nebbiolo d'Alba, a ruby red from vanilla aftertaste.

What about wine Barolo typical that the company Salvano retains for two years in oak barrels, where it acquires definitely his inimitable flavor.

Not only red wines in the production Salvano wines, in fact among the bottles of wine you can appreciate some of the best Italian grappa, a distillate aged to perfection to make memorable evenings.

Today the wines Salvano are known and appreciated all over the world, earn awards  that gratify so love and commitment to create a high quality product.