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Ruggeri wines

Ruggeri winery has always been famous for its high-quality Prosecco and sparkling wines, characterized by unique and excellent taste. The cellar is famous worldwide and represents the passion for viticulture. Negoziodelvino sells online an ample selection of labels of this prestigious winery of Veneto. Choose special labels from our virtual wine shop and save your money with our interesting prices. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste refined and unforgettable expressions of these fabulous wines, deeply linked to the fertile area of Valdobbiadene, mother of the excellence of DOC. The products of this great family are the best companion for the typical dishes of the area and represents special labels that have to be preserved in the cellar for great happenings.

Oenological tradition and innovation

The winery, founded in the XX century by Giustino Bisol, has, in reality, origins that dates back to 1800, when Eliseo Bisol was the owner of a distillery. His son Luigi and his grandson Giustino created the actual company around 1950. The fame of the family is linked to the great quality of the bottles they produce. Their Prosecco from Veneto is really appreciated from the people of all over the world. Valleys of Valdobbiadene are perfect for the growth of Glera variety, that is the basic ingredient for the production of Prosecco. The territory, famous from the past for its qualities, helps the cultivation of this fabulous variety that has been able to gain through the years the DOCG denomination. The family knows how to treat the lands, developing innovating cultivation techniques next to traditional principles.

Classy food pairings

Prosecco Ruggeri has organoleptic properties that are easily recognizable, like its light straw yellow colour, its fruity aroma and its fresh and persistent taste. These features make it perfect with delicate, light dishes or with fish. It should always be served fresh in a high wine glass and it represents the perfect solution for every occasion. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the Rosé, obtained with a brief maceration with the skins of Pinot Noir. It is excellent with cold cuts, white meats and pasta. Our virtual selection of wines from Veneto is wide enough to satisfy everybody in every situation. Click on Negoziodelvino, choose your favourite bottle by Ruggeri and taste the unforgettable expressions of Valdobbiadene.