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Merotto Wines

Merotto winery

The Merotto winery is located in the Col of San Martino in the Valdobbiadene DOCG land between the Piave and the Soligo stream at 50 km far from Venice in the hill side on the top of Treviso. These are difficult lands to cultivate for the high slope but fascinating and able to transmit to the grapes typical tastes and scents, fragrances that enhance the wine of cellars Merotto, for a taste experience that tickles the taste buds.

The adventure of Graziano Merotto and his wines began in 1972 when he founded his cellar; at the beginning he produced wine with the Prosecco grapes and later he started the production of the spumante (sparkling wine), made with the classic method with white and black pinot grapes coming from Trentino, that give Merotto sparkling wines their classic aftertaste.

Thanks to his permanent obligation both in the vineyard than in the cellar, the Merotto company is today one of the best producers of Prosecco Superiore DOCG and it has received several rewards such as the Three glasses of the Gambero Rosso. The Merotto Prosecco is one of the most popular, not only in the region but throughout Italy, a tradition that the winery Merotto continues incessantly for more than forty years.

The production of the wineries Merotto enters to be part of the right of the category of wines of Veneto recognized as the most valuable, with unique fragrances and unique flavor that only the grapes of this region are able to give to the palate.

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