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Salento Wines

Salento Wines

Perfect or a dinner with friends or a romantic meeting, Salento wines are now available online on Negoziodelvino with discounted prices. Salento is an important area of the region Puiglia, located in the southern zone of Italy.

It has a soil rich of limestone and clay and offers the highest concentration of DOC products of the entire region. The predominant vine variety is Negroamaro, used for the single-variety winemaking and for the production of the most prestigious red wines of Puglia.

Other varieties diffused in the area are Aleatico and Malvasia. Wine productions have here ancient origins. It is believed that the vine grew up spontaneously even before the Greeks colonisation of the VIII century b. C. .

Nevertheless, the varieties still used today were introduced by Greeks, joined to the cultivation system called “alberello” (little three). The production and the trade of this precious beverage increased with the arrival of the Romans, in 275 a. C., and continued in the Renaissance, where the production started to be famous in Italy and in some areas of France.

High quality wine-making methods

The wine making systems didn’t change during the years. The bunches are picked manually. After the harvest, the maceration lasts for 6-8 hours, followed by soft pressing. The process continues with a decanting period in steel containers where the fermentation is processed at a controlled temperature of 11°, that helps the precipitation of sediments in a natural way, without adding any substances.

The aging is developed in steel containers and can last 5 years for the reds and 2 years for the whites, without modifying the organoleptic features of the product.

The nice freshness of this products is represented by the Mediterranea winery, that continue the aging of their wine for six months in the bottle, before setting them in the market. The alcoholic strength is around 13%vol and make them perfect for a dinner or for an evening with friends.

Characteristics and suggested pairings

Ruby red for reds, light straw yellow with green shades for whites and light pink for the prestigious rosé. These are the nuances to recognize the excellent Puglia wines products coming from south italy.

The best way to taste this wines is to bring them to the temperature indicated on the labels, in order to guarantee the right expression of their features.:12-14° for white wines, 18° for the red ones.

The taste of the wines produced in Salento is soft and round with an active sourness that makes them the perfect pairing with seafood. This product gives its best with raw crustaceans, fish dishes, starters with cold cuts and cheese, where the floral perfumes joined with the marks of exotic fruits gives pleasant sensation also to the most exigent experts.

Discover the good vibes offered by the Wines of Salento. They are now available online on Negoziodelvino with the best prices. Find out our prestigious wineries with a click.