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Massucco Wines

The Massucco winery produces wine since generations. It is located in Piedmont in the Roero area which is recently become an UNESCO human heritage site. The production is made with love and passion for the wines and these feelings are constantly pass through the generations as well as the experience.

This company started in 1900 and it has growth year by year. The wine of the Massucco winery has always been of a very high quality. The Massucco wines were selected as one of  the best wines in Italy for their perfect quality/price ratio. Every wine profile and the soft tannins give to the product a unique taste which comes from the Massucco vines fruits.

The Agricultural Company Massucco has adopted some innovations in the production of its wines. The best and most advanced technology is used for the production of the wine as if it would be produced by the old generations.