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Sicilia DOC Wines

The Sicilian DOC wine

The wine cultivation and production dates back the Phoenicians in fact this population introduced this drink to the Mediterraneans. The Greeks when in Naxos they dedicated them-selves to the cultivation and exportation of the wine that has brought to the modern Sicilian DOC wine.

The Greeks population during the five centuries passed in Sicily, brought the Grecanico and then there were the Romans and the Normans. In 1773 the Sicilian wines improved and became renowned for the exportation of the prestigious Marsala by the English company Woodhouse.

In 1995 it is introduced the Sicilian DOC denomination with 26 varieties produced in Agrigento, Catania, Enna, Messina, Palermo, Ragusa, Siracusa and Trapani. It is a sunny region with the most important wine history in Italy thanks to the ideal climate conditions perfect for the grapes cultivation with clay and hilly soils.

High quality and passion for a product made with love

The production of the white wines is characterized by the Sicilia DOC denomination and it is concentrated in the west of the region in the Trapani, Agrigento and Palermo areas where there are the local variety cultivations like the Cataratto, the Grillo and the Inzolia the basis for the production of the Marsala but also alone they are used to produce the Sicilian DOC wines with straw yellow colors and green reflections with fruity and intense aromas but also floral and citron hints with a balanced acid taste.

Among the red Sicilian wines with the DOC denomination there are the Mantelletto, the Frappato, the famous Nero d'Avola and the Nerello Mascalese and this last one is particularly characteristic.

The Nerello Mascalese is the result of the love in the cultivation of the Sicilian DOC wines because it is made pure at 100% on volcanic soils at 700 meters above the sea level with strong thermal excursion between night and day and it is cultivated with the trellised method to be picked in the second or third week of October.

Prestigious matching and wonderful tastes

This island is rich of history and food traditions and the matching between the white wines from Sicily and the other DOC wine with the food are several thanks to the ductile product which can be elegant with many courses.

The ruby red colored wines with lively reflections are perfect with middle aged cheeses or the grilled meats which are perfect with the aromas of the Sicilian DOC like the licorice, the aromatic herbs, but also balsamic hints rich of character.

The Sicily DOC white wines perfect match is the appetizer but also white meats, grilled fishes or in humid and with fruity aromas.

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