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Villano Winery


The Farm Hill Villano is situated in Friuli Venezia Giulia and precisely Faedis (Udine) in the area of the eastern hills of Friuli, this is a family-run farm.The company was founded thanks to the passion of the owners for the area where it is located.

The wines D.O.C. end I.G.T. that arise from these vineyards become ambassadors of Friuli in the world: they represent the quality, capacity, care.

 Every year produces about 100,000 bottles, which are tasted throughout Italy and the world.Particular attention is given to the care of the vineyards where it is managed production respecting the environment and trying to always get perfectly healthy grapes ripe.In the cellar, the work is done with the help of modern technologies while respecting and continuing the tradition of Friuli.