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Trebbiano Spoletino

The wine from Umbria Spoleto, where it born the Trebbiano Spoletino, has an historical origin and during the years it had ups and down in the production despite the great tradition this region has.

From Marziale to Carducci the production of the white wines and the Trebbiano Spoletino has always been appreciated and it is thought it comes from the Trevi town in the Perugia province. This wine belongs to the Trebbiani variety one of the white grape the most spread with fruity aromas and a fresh and alcoholic taste.

It has been forgotten for many years but in the last time the Trebbiano Spoletino came back with the development of the vineyards that since centuries has populated this wonderful landscape.

Production and research of the quality

Among the white wines from Umbria the Trebbiano Spoletino has a straw yellow color with light green reflections with a light and balanced aroma also very delicate. It has citron aromas with a refined and personality structure.

It is not an easy white wine and, so it is a prestigious wine perfect for some occasions.

The cultivation soils are flat and the grape harvest takes place at the end of September up to the half of October. There is a soft pressing of the grapes at 16°C to obtain a clear and clean product and then there are 6 months of stainless steel and bottle refinement.

A refined and bodied match

This wine from Umbria has a enveloping and wide aroma with white pulp fruits such as pear and apple aromas with some reminds to the honey and the exotic fruits like the pineapple.

The Trebbiano Spolentino has a proof of 13°C but it is still a light and fresh product.

Differently to the red wines from Umbria, which have a bodied and intense structure, dedicated to the red meats, the Trebbiano Spolentino is perfect with white meats, fresh herbs or with sea food like mussels and raw fish. It is perfect also with the bass and with fresh cheeses.

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