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The Dogliani wine

The DOCG Dogliani certification is given to those red wines made by Dolcetto vines grapes which are produced in the following hamlets: Bastia, Belvedere Langhe, Clavesana, Ciglié, Dogliani, Farigliano, Monchiero, Rocca di Ciglié and part of the territories of Roddino and Somano. We are located in the Langhe in the Cuneo province and we are talking about a typical wine from Piedmont. The cultivation territory is mostly rural and during the Romans the buildings were built along the rivers at the feet of the mountains and they divided the Langhe hills from the lowlands. On the contrary, the Middle age constructions are located on the top of the hills to defend from the Saracen invasions. This vine is cultivated since the sixteenth century and in this low area of the Langhe has found its perfect zone. It needs a fresh and balanced climate as the one we can find in the Dogliani DOCG area. Between the Dogliani vine and the Langhe territory there is a strong connection because in the past, it was used as barter good with the neighbors instead of oil, salt and anchovies. Today the Dogliani wine is fully present on the local people tables and it is also internationally renowned.

Characteristics of the Dolcetto of Dogliani

The technical production method of the Dolcetto of Dogliani DOCG consists in the use of the Dolcetto vine. On the Langhe hills at 250 meters up to 750 meters above the sea level it found the best cultivation areas for the dolcetto vines, on clay, calcareous and siliceous soils. The cultivation soils of the Dolcetto vines have to be hilly and not humid and they have to be well exposed to assure the right maturation of the grapes. The new vineyards to cultivate the DOCG Dogliani have to respect these characteristics: a minimum of 4000 trees per hectare disposed with the guyot method. The Dogliani DOCG wine can be joined by the “Vigna” name if in its production there are used more severe practices to improve the quality of the wine. For example they have to have a grape profit less than 63ql/ha, a proof inferior to 13 and at least, the vine has to be 7 years old. If the vine is less than 7 years old, the profit has to be reduced.

Tasting and suggested pairings with the Dogliani DOCG

At first sight it has an intense ruby red wine with black berry and violet nuances. The aromas are intense, wide, fine and elegant with some floral and red fruits aromas with remarkable black berry and wild cherry fragrances. The taste is dry, pleasant with a delicate almond aftertaste. Its modern acidity brings a touch of lively so to make the Dogliani wine from Piedmont an harmonic wine. It has to be served at 16-20°C and it is perfect as meal wine. It is perfect with Langhe food such as spicy roasted meats, white meats, starters and cold cuts from Piedmont but also soft or middle strong local cheeses. In the wide offer of Dogliani DOCG wine available on our online wine shop, you will find the bottle that allow you to taste this young and excellent wine from piedmont, for convenient prices.