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Lagrein Wines

Lagrein wine

This wine is original from the Trentino Alto Adige and it has a history which makes it one of the most loved wines of the Trentino in its two prestigious versions: the classic ruby red and the rosé one (this last also known as Lagrein Kretzel). The Lagrein grapes are cultivated especially in the Bolzano area and they are medium big with a particular oval shape and the bunches can be long or short and the color is an intense blue almost black which is perfect to be aged. The classic Lagrein is red with purple reflections with a velvet aroma but also with vanilla and fruit hints while on the palate it is strong and rich but very pleasant. The Lagrein Kretzer is a rosé wine with a fresh taste, quite young, lively ad pretty irresistible. Depending on the aging period, the Lagrein wines can assume a round and aromatic taste which is perfect with intense courses.

The history of the Lagrein vine

This vine is local from the Alto Adige and its history is very long with its name coming from the Magna Grecia. Until two centuries ago the only Lagrein known was the white one so the red version has become more and more famous in the last years and today is one of the most prestigious wine of this zone. It happened exactly the same thing to the Pinot Nero and to the Lagrein, that is they have to be cultivated on clay soils because they are sensible to the Mediterranean weathers. The berries for the Lagrein are cultivated on the trellised and the wine making process takes place in steel, the aging in oak barrels and the last aging period in bottle where it becomes the renowned red Lagrein wine. It has a typical aroma of violet, and tannins. It is also a bodied wine and in its rosé versions can transmit all its peculiarity.

Perfect pairings for the Lagrein wine

Put in the table a Lagrein wine means give an explosion of taste for the palate. The strength and the body of the Lagrein wine is perfect with rich courses such as the game or the red meats typical of the locality. It is very interesting the matching with aged or spicy cheeses which exalt its taste. The Lagrein Kretzer rosè is perfect with starters and with white meats which exalt its liveliness. To taste the strength of this red wine typical of the Alto Adige you have to enter in our online wine shop and choose the Lagrein which better fit with your tastes. Enjoy our offers and buy your Lagrein with special prices to bring the Italian taste to your house with the best earn and convenience: a unique occasion for your special wine.