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White Wine Igt

The typical geographical indication (Igt) is the first step to recognize the quality that a white wine Igt has to face. Indeed, in order to be distinguished from other wines, that are more simple, it has to respect some specific rules. 85% of its grapes has to come from the specific region of the Winery that produces it.

The same grapes, can not be originated from shrubs of different areas, as it could happen for other products, that are more generic. The must, that will become our white Igt, has to be produced by vine varieties coming from the same territory. In this case, it is mandatory to point out the reference denomination.

Essentially, between all the different white wines of the catalogue, Igt ones are typical products coming from the same territory, with a certification and with a specific quality. Currently, the European Community recognise more than 100 Igt wines .

Each one has to respect strict production requirements, one of them is to underline on their labels all those feature that aren’ t typical for a generic product. Specifically, an Igt white wine from Lombardia like “Verboso”, has to indicate its features, like colour, grapes, original vine variety, if the cultivation zone has important dimensions, or the production year.

High quality for protected products coming from guaranteed origin

There can be particular cases that define the typical geographical indication (Igt). In some areas that belong to the Italian territory, the so called “regions with special statute”, like in Valle D’Aosta for example, there’s the possibility to change the Igt denomination with the French one “Vin de Pays”.

Another case is that of the white wine Igt produced in the independent province of Bolzano, that use with pride the German denomination “Landwin”. To preserve the recognition, the producers has to respect the rules and to control the organoleptic quality of the products by communicating their status periodically.

There are a lot of Igt white wines and a lot of Igt production zones, but in the catalogue you will have the opportunity to find out careful selections of the best wines that the market can offer.

In our store you can find wines from Friuli, special Igt products like the ones of Bastianich winery, realized with chardonnay and sauvignon, but with particular production features. 10% of the grapes has to be submitted to a period of drying in order to increase the fruity marks, with an aging of 9 months on lees and the following in the bottle.

Parings rich of style and with a rich structure

If we make an oenological tour in the Italian territory, between the white wines that answer better to the typical geographical indication, the ones produced in Tuscany have to be defined as “worthy” without any doubt.

The “sangiovese” quality is a variety rich of value, that matches perfectly with cured meat and medium aged cheese and that finds its perfect expression with fish, tartare, carpaccio and crustaceans. In Umbria territory, we can find a high quality product like “il Conte della Vipera”, a refined originated by grapes of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, with a following aging in bottle.

Obviously, the different winemakers show their products with competition. A lot of white Igt, indeed, are presented in Magnum sized wine, always appropriate for toasts and great occasions with friends and relatives. Enter the world of Negoziodelvino and discover the all the offers available for Igt white wines sold online with good prices. The ideal solution to bring the best national selection at home.