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Lambrusco Wines

Lambrusco wine

The Lambrusco DOC is one of the most renowned Italian wine also appreciate internationally. The Lambrusco origins come from the Latin poets that described it as a wild vine which grown in the countryside. Originally this vine hailing from Modena, but today the Lambrusco grape is classified in ten different vineyards which only eight are used for the production of the Lambrusco wine, the other takes the name of the locality where they are produced. The Lambrusco grapes have a red color which produce a red wine with a ruby red color more or less intense, not too alcoholic with a fresh, sparkling taste available in the spumante version both dry and sweet. There are other Lambrusco versions of rosé and some rare white wine versions.

The Lambrusco vine varieties

Among the different varieties there is the Lambrusco di Sorbara which produce a DOC wine in Modena. For its rare peculiar characteristics it is added the Lambrusco Salamino and they give origins to a ruby red color not very intense with a fruity aroma of violets. In the rosé version the Lambrusco taste can be both dry and sweet while its aroma is always fruity and very pleasant. The Lambrusco Salamino can be vinified as rosé or red wine with a more or less intense color and fruity aroma. In Lombardy the Lambrusco Mantovano is used for a DOC wine which is consumed during cold Seasons with a variable color from a rosé to a more intense red color perfect to be match with cheeses and cold cuts or with the typical food from Mantova. There is also the Lambrusco Reggiano which in both its versions dry and sweet is perfect with the typical food from Emilia and from Reggio. Finally there is also the Lambrusco Grasparossa.

Food matches with the Lambrusco wine

The tradition match the Lambruso DOC wines with strong and flavored course such as pork meats. The dry, pleasant and sparkly Lambrusco is suitable to many local courses. The Lambrusco is used also in the preparation of some cocktails and appetizers mixed with fruits and other alcohol. In our online winery you can find all the Italian Lambrusco varieties on sale to take advantages of the offers to create you personal cellar. With the spumante Lambrusco al Sorbara up to the Lambrusco Grasparossa you will enrich your winery with one of the DOC wines of the Italian tradition ideal for funny and tasty evenings.