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Bolgheri Wines

Bolgheri Wines

Perfect for a dinner with friends or a romantic event, thank to their unique features, their intense taste and their aroma, Bolgheri wines are now sold online on Negoziodelvino at a good price, ready to be shipped to you, directly at home.

Appreciated by the wine lovers, this wine come from vineries on the hills of Tuscany, mainly located in the province of Livorno and in a the little city called Castagneto Carducci. In the opinion of the people of the past, it was impossible to realize a product cultivated near the sea.

This is the main reason why the first vinery was planted in Castiglioncello Bolgheri in 1944. It vas exposed in the east direction, 400 meters on the sea level. Experience and new discoveries demonstrated then, that the presence of the sea guaranteed, instead, the right sourness to the grapes, the perfect quantity of sugar and polyphenols.

This made the production surface expand down the hills to the plains in the southern area of Castagneto. 14 December 1995 is the birth date of the association for the care of the Bolgheri wines. The idea came out from some people who mentioned some rules for the production of this type of wine.

Special places for aromas rich of personality

The variety Bolgheri grows up on different surfaces, alluvial lands of river origin, sea lands rich of sands, limestone and clay, volcanic territories. The cultivation on terraces, moreover, helps to mitigate humidity by keeping it on the deeper level and giving it back when necessary, that means in the periods of dryness due to the lack of rain.

The main cultivation system for Tuscany wine is “cordone speronato”. Joined to the different varieties of this zone, it creates important products of high quality, like Bolgheri, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Between the white wines, the most diffused are doubtless Vermentino and Sauvignon Blanc, often assembled with Viogner, that guarantees a great production of Bolgheri. White wines praise a straw yellow colour with gold shades.

Their scents offer hints of cedar, apple and candied fruits, combined with flowers essences. Full-bodied taste with persistent mineral sensation, able to improve further with the bottle aging.

The metalliferous hills, located in the eastern side of Castagneto, allow to protect the vine varieties from the winter winds. On the other side, the sea and the thermal excursion of the summer help the regular maturation of the grapes.

High quality pairings

With intense red and ruby shades, Bolgheri presents itself to the organoleptic exam as an interesting Tuscany red wine, with its typical aroma of strawberry, myrtle, sweet spices. It definitely offers a rich and refined taste, but always soft to the palate.

A high wine glass is ideal to guarantee the right oxygenation of the product, necessary to recover its organoleptic features after the aging, that can last also years. Famous like wineries Antinori manage their production with hi tech methods.

Based on the provenience of the vine variety, the aging is usually done in barriques of Hungarian oak, for a period that lasts 12 months. During the production phases, the temperatures are always controlled in order to avoid the excessive maturation of the grapes and to have a better control on the alcoholic level.

The different types of products are supplied in refined wooden cases, decorated with serigraphy. Don’t miss the best Bolgheri wines, available on-line on Negoziodelvino. Don’ lose the opportunity to buy at the best prices of the market.

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