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Toscana Igt Wines

The IGT wines from Tuscany

The Tuscany IGT wine is made with at least the 85% of grapes that come from a very high quality level area.

The history of the wines from Tuscany began before the Romans during the Etruscans but during the 1000 A.C. the vine cultivation spread and it born the “Arte dei Vinattieri” corporation. This product has always been sold by the merchants but in 1920 the quality began to be considered and the production improved but the IGT denomination born in 1995 and includes the vineyards of Arezzo, Firenze, Grosseto, Livorno, Lucca, Massa - Carrara, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato and Siena.

The cultivation is located on hills or mountains and the trees are located at 3 meters one from each other which is the renowned method of cultivation of the IGT wines from Tuscany.

The quality and the authenticity of the best bottles

The IGT wines from Tuscany includes different typologies and among these there is the rosso toscano IGT, made with Sangiovese with the natural fermentation with local yeasts in stainless steel tanks, with a following refinement in oak barrels and barrique for 12 months and finally in bottle. It has a ruby red color almost violet, with red fruits aromas like cherry and blueberry, with an acid consistence on the palate and a sapid end.

There is also the bianco IGT Toscana made with Trebbiano grapes with a maturation period of 3 months in barrels and 3 months in bottle. It has a straw yellow color with green reflections. The smell is floral with an acid taste and a proof of 11%. There is also the sparkling version.

Particular matches and dynamic pairings

The IGT Toscana wine is composed by various typologies so it can be matched with many courses. The rosato IGT is perfect with the cheese starters or with cold cuts. It is also very good with seasonal products served at 10-14°C.

The IGT wine of Tuscany in the white version is perfect with raw fish such as tuna or salmon and it is ideal to be tasted in the evening. It is also very good with grilled fish and it must be served at 14°C in a high and tapered wine glasses. The red version is perfect with grilled meats and it can be aged in the cellar.

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