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Castello Banfi Wine

Castello Banfi Winery

Uritalianwines propose a lot of labels and bottles of Banfi winery, sold on line, to have always at home high quality products with interesting prices. Take advantage of the offers of our virtual wine shop. The name Banfi is synonym of quality and success. This comes from the hard work of two Italian American brothers called John and Harry Mariani. They selected the best territories in order to offer to wine-lovers unforgettable bottles that includes their passion and the best taste and aromas of the most important denominations of the region.

Banfi winery has been able to build through the years something that was defined as “the greatest project ever realized in the production of high-quality wines”. By joining the excellence of the products of Tuscany to wise business choices, they earned international success. The winery, famous for its Brunello, has proposed through the years a lot of interesting bottles with Toscana IGT denomination and many supertuscans, blends composed by traditional vine varieties and international ones.

Banfi: a fundamental brand for food and wine in Tuscany

The vineyards are located in the south of Montalcino and cover 3000 hectares. Wind and rainfall constitute the best conditions for the cultivation of Sangiovese, that represent the base for the production of the best wines of central Italy like Brunello di Montalcino Banfi, one of the most famous DOC of the nation. Garnet red colour, fruity and intense aroma, balanced taste, structure, persistence and longevity make this wine the star of Banfi’s production.The estates in the area of Bolgheri and Chianti, where an important red with the same name is produced, play an important role too.

They are the point of reference for all the wine-lovers that appreciate the most characteristic flavours of the region. Chianti is characterized by a shiny ruby red colour, intense aroma and a dry but rich taste that is the result of 11 months aging. Here, the classical vine varieties leave space to Canaiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Perfect products for all the tastes and happenings

This winery is able to propose a solution for every happening: meditation wines, labels for desserts and happy hours, unique reds and fresh whites. We can’t forget to mention also the famous Banfi Grappa: a product that resume tastes and personalities deeply linked to the territory and that can’t miss in the cellar of the experts. The typical “Fiorentina”, accompanied by a glass of Chianti give a unique experience that is useful to appreciate Banfi’s products and the gastronomic excellence of the region.

For the lovers of roasted meat and game, Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino are the best choices. On the other hand, the whites of this winery are great with fish, rice and cheese. A long list of labels, signed with a brand that is the symbol of the success of the area of Montalcino and of Tuscany in general, suitable for every happening.

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