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Friulano Wines

General description of the territory production of the Friulano DOC wine

The Friulano is a white wine coming from Friuli already honored by the DOC certification. Its production has to follow the traditional methods of the Udine province. The Friuli DOC is the most important wine of the Friuli tradition and it has been converted in the symbol of the wine culture of the region. The Friulano is the wine which replaced the old “Tocai” and it is suitable for every situation.

The Tocai from Friuli is a local vine located in the east hills of Friuli. The origins of the name is unsure but surely is a local name. It could come from a very little group of inhabitants called “Toccais” (hamlets) or from a little river which passes in the north of Gorizia which is called “Rio Toccai”. Another possibility, which is less reliable according to the scholars of this field, could be the derivation from the Slovenian term “tu kay” which means “from here”.

The Friulano Tocai DOC is produced by the homonym vine which is used for a minimum of 90%, and there could be added other white grapes which are locally cultivated as indicated in the technical policy of production.

It could be cultivated in seven different areas in Friuli: Colli Orientali del Friuli, Collio, Friuli Annia, Friuli Aquilea, Friuli Isonzo, Friuli Latisana e Friuli Grave) but also in other regions such as Veneto in Bagnoli di Sopra, Breganze, Colli Berici, Colli Euganei, Corti Benedettine del Padovano, Garda, Lison-Pramaggiore, Merlara, Riviera del Brenta, San Martino della Battaglia and Piave.


Similar wines produced with the same grapes of the  Friulano Doc

In the other regions is used especially for blended wines such as the Bianco di Custoza DOC and in the Lugana DOC, or in the Breganze DOC and many others in Veneto and in Lombardia in the San Martino della Battaglia DOC. In Friuli is in almost all the DOC wines from the Colli Orientali del Friuli DOC and the Collio Goriziano DOC, but also the Annia DOC, the Friuli Latisana DOC, the Friuli Aquileia DOC, the Friuli Isonzo DOC and the Friuli Grave DOC.


The grapes used for the production of the Friulano white wine

The grapes used for the production of this wine are the Tocai (Friulano) used as 100% single variety. The Friulano is characterized by the preference of medium fertility territories, with clay and not too dry. It has a medium elevate vigor, it can be largely cultivated and it needs a medium-long pruned of the basal buds which are not good, but on the contrary the whole fertility is very good. Generally the leaf is medium-large, trilobate with the petiole creeks and the lobe which are slightly overlapped and the lower side is hairless. The bunch is thicker, of middle size with a cylindrical shape or pyramidal, quite compact and generally with two marked wings. The grape is medium large and circular, the peel is not very thick and this characteristic, together with the compactness, make this vine very sensible to the rain when the grape is maturating which normally happens in the first twenty days of September. It buds late which allows it to resist some possible frost in spring.


Analysis of the white Friulano Doc wine


It has a bright and brilliant straw yellow color especially if crossed by the light. It is perfectly clear and jazzed up by the cedar glare.  It is intense with evident green reflections.


The scent of this white wine

It has a fine, net, shaped and recognizable scent. It has an aromatic sequence of aromas decisively harmonic and persistent. The scent is also fresh and pleasant.


The taste of the Friulano Doc

When you taste it you will find its softness and warmness flow on the palate. It is very pleasant and rich in its taste with a slow aftertaste which is typical of this vine.

The almond aroma is part of the aftertaste. It is dry with a moderate acidity which marked it as full, wide, velvety and very drinkable wine.


Suggested matches with the Friulano Doc wine

The Friulano DOC you can find on our online wine shop for a fantastic price, has to be served in a cognac wine glass. It is perfect as appetizer especially the ones based on San Daniele hams. With soups (the legumes one especially), fish and every white meat can be easily matched. It is joinable by all fresh cheeses, herbs and potatoes omelets.