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Barbera Wines

Barbera wine

The Barbera wine comes from the homonym Piedmont vineyards; despite being not very old as vineyard, it has spread in that area but also in Italy in general such as in Lombardy and it has become one of the most widespread red berries in Italy. The Barbera is used for different typologies of wines depending on the maturation from a meal wine to a very aged one which has refined with time. The Barbera has a good similarity with the Nebbiolo wine: both of them are characteristic of this land and they carry all the features reported in the denomination. The Barbera vine has medium big leafs with a light green color with compact bunches with pyramidal shape. The Barbera grapes has a medium volume and a dark color and for their characteristics they can be cultivated in dry climate where there are also strong winds.

Characteristics and typologies of the Barbera wine

The Barbera is renowned as a Piedmontese red wine among the most widespread and consumed ones and it had an evolution from a meal wine to one of the most refined in commerce. Today the Barbera is used to produce a classy wine and if consumed after an aging period it is well structured with a round flavor. The young Barbera are perfect with typical starters of the region and when aged in wood barrels is perfect to be matched to some more structured courses. The Barbera grapes are used for the production of some of the most renowned wines from Piedmont. The Barbera d'Alba exclusively produced in the Cuneo province is a DOC wine with a ruby red color almost garnet if aged with a dry and rich flavor perfect with roasted meats and with red meats too. The Barbera d'Asti is also a DOC wine and it is produced with 90% of Barbera and it has a ruby red color with a pleasant aroma which improve with the aging.

Service temperature of the Barbera wine

Normally low temperatures rise the acidity. The Barbera wine has a natural acidity so it is served at medium high temperatures. Specifically for young and sparkling versions it has to be served at 13-15°C and for more aged and structured versions it has to be served at 15°-17°C. In our online wine shop you will find all the best Barbera bottles DOC to buy with strong on sale prices. Don’t miss the fantastic online wine sale of Barbera wines to enrich your personal cellar with the maximum convenient prices.