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General description of the territory of the red Taurasi DOCG great wine of Campania

The red wine Taurasi DOCG is produced in the feet of the southern Apennines in the Campania region:

from the north in the Avellino province to the south the Benevento one. The ideal area for the production of this fantastic wine, considered as one of the best product of the south of Italy, is characterized by hills that are from 350 to 700 meters a.s.l. and they characterized the landscape that surround the Calore river way which belongs to the west-south of Apennines.

The territories where the Aglianico vines are cultivated (vine used to produce the Taurasi DOCG) are characterized by geological young grounds often immature so constantly in transformation and so they rely upon its pedogenetic substrates made by both rich, strong and compact coats than on clay, sandy and more friable layer. In fact the chemical constitution of the ground where the Aglianico vine born is made by a 50% of clay mixed with silt or sand and so they are marked as heavy grounds (which keep the water) with an elevate acidity degree that can achieve until the 8,2 pH and with a good degree of humus generally included between the 10 and the 27 grams per kg of ground.

The elevate presence of clay permits the ground to good face the long period of dryness especially in the summer season which allows a natural develop of the grapes that almost don’t need the human intervention.

The ground is also rich of potassium and magnesium which give to the grapes and so to the wine, very rich scents, persistence, a great structure and a good balance between the alcoholic degree and the vinosity.

The red wine Taurasi DOCG has pre-Romans origins as for example the Valpolicella DOC, the Chianti, the wines  from Umbria such as the Sagrantino and the Rosso di Montefalco DOC. The Aglianico vine from which it comes from, is also called Hellenico which reminds the Greek origins while the name of the wine comes from the little hamlet taken to the Romans from the Irpini immediately after the Christ born (80 A.D.). The Taurasi is a little wine hamlet characterized by hill cultivated with vines and numerous cellars for the must production and the wine fermentation.


The grapes used for the production of the Taurasi Docg wine from Campania

As anticipated, the vine used for the production of the Taurasi wine is the Aglianico which is also used for the production of other wines such as the Aglianico del Vulture which is one Italian wine famous for its excellence and it is the unique in the Potenza province with the DOCG certification. Also the Terre dell’Alta Val D’Agri DOC is produced with this vine. It has a little and bright leaf that during the time it becomes opaque and clearer. The bunches born in three and often are very close one to each other. Singularly it has a pyramidal shape with very pronounced wings. The grape has a violet color with a resistant peel and covered by a very resistant bloom. The pulp has a clear yellow color almost amber and it is very juicy and rich of sugar.

The aging period has to be at least around 3 years and one of this has to be passed in wood barrel. The alcoholic degree has to be 12° and the minimum acidity has to be 5 per thousand. More aging increase the alcoholic degree and the vinosity.

The Taurasi Riserva can receive this name when its aging period is of 4 or more years with 18 months in barrels and the alcoholic degree has to be 12,5°.


Analysis of the Taurasi DOCG wine

The organoleptic characteristics of the Taurasi DOC wine reminds very well its territory with its scent and taste and its peculiar history. This wonderful red wine that you can buy on our online wine shop Uritalianwines together with other fantastic wines from Campania or made by the Aglianico grape.


Aesthetically the Taurasi Docg

The Taurasi DOCG has a bright and intense ruby red color. When it is young it has a darker garnet color whereas by the aging it become clearer and so more deep orange.

The scent of the Taurasi Docg

The olfactory analysis brings back you to the territory and to the chemical composition of this wine; scented and sapid, with marked flavors especially when young, then persistent, pleasant and ether, the scent of the refinement become lighter but never disappeared.

The taste of the Taurasi Docg

The taste is dry, intriguing and tannic, especially when young, full and very harmonic. The balance improves the flavors of fruit and the tannins and there is an aftertaste when more refined.


Suggested matches with the Taurasi Docg

The Taurasi DOCG wine has to be served quite cold between the 16° and the 18°C.

It is perfect to be joined to aromatic dishes. It can be matched with structured and rich main courses such as pasta with meat sauce. It is perfect for the game cooked in casserole, roasted or in humid. With potatoes and grilled vegetables, baked and aromatize with spicy. There are also the hard or aged cheeses.

It has to be served in a “Ballon” wine glass to spread all the scents. It has to be settled for one hour before serving it.