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Chardonnay Wines

Chardonnay grapes wines

The Chardonnay vine is the basis of one of the most renowned and appreciate category of worldwide wines and it is a white berry vineyard cultivate everywhere. The leaf of the Chardonnay vine is round; the bunches and the single berries are big with their characteristic yellow color almost gold. The Chardonnay harvest takes place at the beginning of September in advance compared to the classic grape harvest. It is cultivated on hill soils in a ventilated ambient with a temperate climate and it suffers from the low temperature during spring time. For its particular delicacy the Chardonnay grapes harvest is fundamental because if late it gives origin to a Chardonnay wine with no high acidity level.

Origins and characteristics of the Chardonnay wine

The Chardonnay initially born in Burgundy and then it spreads all around Europe and worldwide. The name of this wine comes from the homonym territory in France. Today the Chardonnay production occurs in the whole Italy but especially in some territories: the Chardonnay Friuli and the Chardonnay Alto Adige are the most renowned in Italy but also the Chardonnay grapes is used to produce the renowned spakling wine of the Franciacorta in Lombardia. The Chardonnay wine is produced in different typologies from the still wine to a more sparkling one up to the spumante wine with different alcoholic degrees and with quite high acidity levels. It has a not very intense straw yellow color with exotic fruits aromas which changes in a more dry fruit flavor when aged. The Chardonnay wines are perfect to be aged in oak barrels which are typical of the French wine tradition.

The wines produced with the Chardonnay vine

The Chardonnay vineyard is used for the production of some of the best sparkling wines in the world. Italy is one of those countries which can praise the tradition in the cultivation and in the production of the Italian Chardonnay which makes part of the most appreciate and renowned white wines. This tradition continues in the virtual shelves of our online wine shop where you can find a wide selection of this wines produced by the best wineries. In the section dedicated to the Chardonnay wines you can find all the Chardonnay wines sold with many offers and with on sale price so you can create your personal winery with all the best Chardonnay you can find in the market.