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Syrah wine

The Syrah is a red wine with intense aromas and a soft taste and its origin is uncertain: there are some who think that it is original from Iran in particular from the Shiraz city (second name of this wine) and others that think that Siracusa is its coming area. Today the Syrah vine is widespread and in Italy is particularly cultivated in Sicily where the Syrah Sicilia is blended together with the Nero d'Avola, giving life to a unique product very requested both in Italy than abroad. It is also cultivated in the Rodano valley in France where it is catalogued into two different varieties according to the size of the berries; the Syrah with bigger berries is used for the production of a less complex wine. The color of the red wine Syrah is very remarkable in fact it has a very dark color almost garnet and its aroma is spicy with soft fruits hints. On the palate it is thick and soft with a chocolate and prune ending for a unique taste experience.

The Syrah vine

It is considered part of the noble red berries élite and this notoriety is given by its quality and by its international widespread, in fact it is also cultivated in Australia. It is a very sensible vine and it can keep its substances even if it is cultivated under high temperatures. The high quality of the Syrah is due to the low production for every log. The bunch is close and compact with tapered and very dark berries. The maturation is late but it has not to wait for the harvest because if left on the bunches the berries can lose the organoleptic characteristics and so produce red wines with a low aromatic content. The Syrah or Shiraz wine has a remarkable longevity in fact it has to be aged in bottle from four to almost twenty years for very quality versions.

The pairings with the Syrah wine

It has to be served in medium big glasses which exalt the aromas. The Syrah has to be tasted at 16°-18°C up to 20°C for the prestigious ones. The perfect match has to be with red meats or with grilled game but also with soups or cheeses in the specific the medium aged and spicy ones. Find out all the Syrah varieties among the wine selection in our online wine shop and take advantages of our offers to bring home all the smells and tastes of a red prestigious wine by saving money.